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Light Codes are Divine frequencies encoded with healing, information and messages that can unlock higher frequencies of Love and Light available to you.

Light Codes can support you in raising your vibration, activating your dormant DNA and tuning into your own Power, your own talents and gifts. They are everywhere and can be perceived and activated during meditation, deep states of relaxation, contemplation in nature through Sound, Light Language, sacred geometries and feeling sensations.

In my work, I activate Light Codes using Healing Streams of Grace or Light Language.

Healing Streams of Grace are infinite divine streams of love that come directly from Source/Creator. Everybody has access to them. I use these divine frequencies to release any imbalance from the Energetic body, including Chakras and Auric Fields.

Light Language carries codes for vibrational healing through DNA shifts and activation.

Your DNA stores genetic information used to create new cells and maintain your physical body, but it is also a vehicle of Light; it creates and responds to Light. It is the message contained in these waves of Light and Sound that will release any distortion present in your energetic body and it will also activate your "dormant" DNA. It is astonishing that only 30.000 to 40.000 genes are required to code for a person and around 97% of the entire human code has been labelled as "junk" DNA. From 3 billion base pairs contained in each single cell of the human body, only 3% code for genes!

So, what is the 97% of the human code doing there? In my opinion, waiting to be activated, turned on, so you can release your past, learn to forgive and return to SELF, which is Whole, Untouchable, pure Love and Light.

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