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Regulating and Upgrading your Nervous System to better Integrate Ascension Energies - Coaching & Light Language Activation


With the increase of Ascension energies coming to our planet and hitting our physical bodies, our nervous system can feel overwhelmed and react with fear and anxiousness. Light Codes containing new information and higher frequencies are literally shifting our DNA and this is something very new to our brain, to our body, specifically to our limbic system.


If you are frequently struggling with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue, exhaustion, and don't know where they come from, or you are unsure of how to find balance amidst the energetic shifts during the Ascension process, then this energy healing product is for you.


Who is this product for?


  • Stressed and Anxious Individuals: Those dealing with stress, anxiety, or restlessness, and in need of techniques and tools to calm their nervous system and find inner peace.

  • Individuals Experiencing Ascension Symptoms: People experiencing various ascension symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches, emotional fluctuations, or heightened intuition, and looking for support in integrating these experiences into their lives.

  • Empaths and Sensitives: Empathic souls and highly sensitive individuals who often feel overwhelmed by the energies around them, desiring tools to manage their sensitivity effectively.

  • Those feeling disconnected from Mother Earth, from others or feeling Unloved and Unsupported.

  • Individuals Feeling Unsafe on this Planet.


🌀 What do you get in this product? 🌀


  • Coaching and Light Language Transmission for Root Chakra and Nervous System Alignment: Andréa Luizari channelled a unique Light Language transmission, employing the sacred geometry of Metatron's Cube. This profound energy work will reconstruct and align your Root chakra, so it doesn't spin too fast leading to anxiety or too slow, leading to depression. It will help you bring your root chakra to the fifth dimension, where your masculine and feminine energies are balanced, and you feel loved and supported by your parents. It will regulate your nervous system, fostering a profound sense of security and grounding.
  • Furthermore, this transmission will be:


    ✨Releasing contracts and ancestral loyalties associated with feeling unsafe, unloved, unprotected, unsupported, disconnected, that you don't belong to the planet - Mother Mary.


    ✨ Releasing emotional pain (ancestral, absorbed, shared, your own) from feeling unloved, not cared or provided for, unsupported, for being neglected, disconnected to Source and to your Heart - Master Jesus.


    ✨Releasing limiting beliefs associated with feeling unworthy of love, support, care, abundance, of feeling unsafe, alone, not belonging, disconnected to Source and to your Heart - the Arcturians.


    ✨ Performing a Dolphin Activation for Joy, Peace, Higher Healing and Oneness. The Dolphins will activate Light Codes from the Golden Age of Atlantis on your DNA.

  • 🌍 Meditation - Deep Connection with Mother Earth: Marta Cunha will guide you through a soul-soothing meditation, enabling you to connect deeply with Mother Earth. As you feel the embrace of her unconditional love and safety, your nervous system will relax, allowing peace to flow through you effortlessly.


📌 NOTE: After purchasing this product, you will receive a LINK to download a PDF document, which includes guidance and a link to the audios.

🌿 Embrace Holistic Healing as a Complementary Approach - Disclaimer 🌿

We want to emphasize that while our energy healing can bring transformative benefits, it should not replace professional medical help or psychological treatment. Instead, it complements conventional approaches, supporting your overall well-being in a holistic manner.


These tools are intended for individuals who have sound mental health. If you have mental health concerns, we strongly recommend consulting with your mental health physician as this is not a replacement for mental health services.


Results may differ from person to person and cannot be assured. Andréa Luizari and Marta Cunha cannot ensure the success of individuals participating in the group sessions or listening to the audios. The only person who can guarantee your success is yourself.


The journey to higher vibrations can be challenging for all of us. But with the right tools and practices, it is possible to navigate Ascension energies with more ease and grace.


You will receive blessed tools to calm your nervous system, easing anxiety and overwhelm, helping you feel grounded in the present moment.


Are you ready? 


Let's update our DNA together and awaken the Limitless and Vibrant Beings that we are!


With love,


Andréa Luizari & Marta Cunha


What People are saying about our Group Sessions


"Hi Andrea! Planning my trip for October within the next few days. But Omg I wanted to say! Your light language transmission for releasing anger and creating a 5D relationship has already worked it's magic on me! I'm not in a relationship yet but I've met two guys, communicated how my boundaries were crossed to another guy ANd he responded in the kindness, most loving way. It was wild!"

Sophia, United States

"What a special group session✨🙌🏻 . I've listened to the audios several times and what peace they bring me. Marta and Andrea are very grateful for being such beautiful and special souls who help us so much and with so much Love❤️. Infinite gratitude ❤️ ✨✨🙌🏻"


Regulating and Upgrading the Nervous System

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