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Updated: Feb 27

Money is Energy, and Energy is information that moves and vibrates in different frequencies, giving form, shape and colour to everything in the Universe.

The relationship we have with money depends on the information, on the energetic templates we carry in our body. If we hold positive information or templates in our body, we will attract money. If we hold negative information or templates around money, we will create the opposite.

According to Cyndi Dale, intuitive healer, positive patterns to money are those which reflect our True Essence. We are pretty much guaranteed that we will attract all the money we need to fulfill our Spiritual Purpose. We are actually encoded to receive that abundance of money, information, connections, books, people we need to achieve and meet our Soul Mission.

But what if we are not attracting the money we wish to attract? Be it to pay for our bills, to start our own business, to buy that new car or the first house, to have beauty, security or connections in our life. What if we are only attracting debt? We are probably holding negative patterns or templates, which are preventing us from activating abundance and prosperity in our lives. There are tons of negative templates or patterns which might be influencing us, but we can identify the main ones and release them.

What types of energies or negative patterns might be influencing our ability to attract money?

  • Trapped emotions, negative memories, experiences, beliefs, perceptions from our own, from past lives, from our ancestors or from others

  • Energetic attachments, such as cords, holds, miasms, markers, curses, deflection shields

  • Entities, such as disembodied spirits, deceased ancestors, dark forces, demons

  • Energies from the mass consciousness of a particular group and others that we can´t identify

I believe that most of our negative templates around money come from our ancestors or were imprinted during the time spent in our mother´s womb. How were your parents doing when your mother was pregnant? Those negative templates either inherited or absorbed will impact our Spirit on activating our Money and Prosperity Codes.



For a long time, scientists believed that DNA was responsible for our physical, emotional and mental characteristics. Today, there might be more than that.

Epigenetics is the study of Epigenomes, which is a chemical soup made of RNA, DNA, dead microbes that surround and give instructions to our genes. Not only the environment can encode the epigenomes, but studies have been showing that decisions, emotions, feelings can be passed down from one generation to the next. So, what affected your grandfather might still be affecting you and might affect your children.

This epigenetic material will impact our thinking, neurology, microbiome, emotions and our ability to attract and allow money in our lives. Energies from past-lives and even from in-between lives might also affect our relationship with money.


A morphogenetic field is a group of cells that leads to body structures or organs. Rupert Sheldrake was the first scientist to call them energetic morphogenetic fields or morphic fields. According to him, there is a field within and around a morphic unit, which laters develops into a tissue or organ. All living beings that belong to the same group would be able to tun into this morphic field and develop characteristics according to the programs within that field. Sheldrake called that Resonance. This theory would explain behaviours and even emotions that are passed down to the next generation. Morphic fields would then instruct our epigenetic material, which would influence or alter our DNA. A grandfather´s ability to generate money and abundance might be then carried on to grandson through morphic fields, and not DNA.