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I'm Andrea,
Light Language

I'm Andrea,
Light Language Channel and Energy Medicine Practitioner

At this time of Ascension, I help empathic and sensitive Souls release the energy of trauma, fear, self-sabotage and suffering in Body and Spirit so they can create Freedom, love themselves unconditionally, and manifest their most beautiful dreams, aligned with their True Values and their Divine Soul Blueprint.

What you see and experience in the world, is a Match for the Frequencies you choose and hold.

Why am I so passionate
about helping you manifest what you most desire?


I experienced emotional and physical abuse in a previous relationship, and severe burn-out from a work that was not Soul aligned.

I decided years later to quit a 6-figure job in the corporate world to follow my Soul´s Call. Listening to my intuition meant that I had to start all over again.

Energy Healing showed me that it is possible to heal from trauma, love yourself for who you are, exactly as you are, and it is possible to restart your life, achieve Balance and manifest what you most wish in your life.

I now live happily with my husband in the beautiful countryside of Portugal. I support people from all over the world go through their Ascension journey with Love and Grace.


I can help you Align your Energy to your true Divine Nature, become a Vibrational Match to what you deeply desire, and Consciously Manifest!

My mission is to help you Love yourself Unconditionally, Align your Energy to who you really are, so everything else can flow into your life: health, a healthy body, money, a new business, the relationship, freedom, inner peace, confidence, connection, or anything else.

Everything is possible when you tap in the infinite Wisdom and Abundance of your Soul!

We will get to the root cause of your emotional pain, physical pain, and suffering. We will uncover the blocks that are preventing you from standing in your Power to heal and move forward. We will transmute and release these energies, so you can reconnect with the Wisdom of your Soul and create a magnificent Life filled with Freedom, Love, Wellness and Prosperity!​

I combine my psychic senses, deep intuitive healing with Light Language and Spiritual Coaching to help you shift your vibrational energy.

It’s time to remember your true Essence, who you really are, and create the life you truly desire.

Are you ready?