Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Sacred Geometry is what shapes the Universe and all forms of life.

Sacred Geometry is made of Light and Sound, it is the source of all Creation. Masculine and feminine energy gives form to sacred geometry, which shapes our reality. And combining Male and Female, we create Metatron´s Cube.


Metatrons cube contains the building blocks of life, the platonic solids: the cube (has six equal square sides), the tetrahedron (it has four equal triangular sides), the octahedron (it has eight faces, which are equilateral triangles of the same size, edge length and angle), the icosahedron (it has twenty faces made of equilateral triangles with the same edge length and angle) and the pentagonal dodecahedron (whose faces are twelve pentagons (five sides) with the same edge length and angle).

Each shape has a Spiritual Energy or Metaphysical meaning or emotional feeling:

  • The Cube: it is the most stable sacred geometry shape! It will block, hold or contain other energies.

  • The Tetrahedron: it will destroy or remove old energies and make space for new ones. The Star Tetrahedron (two Tetrahedrons merged into one another) represents the union of the masculine and feminine, working perfectly together.

  • The Octahedron: it represents manifestation, things becoming reality in a perfect way.

  • The Icosahedron: it represents expansion of flow.

  • The Dodecahedron: it brings choices or ways for energies to flow into your life.

Working directly with Metatron´s cube through Light Language, I can help you release imbalances trapped in your body, raise your vibration and shift your conscious awareness.

Because your current reality is an expression of your level of consciousness.

Discover Light Language. Awaken to your own Light and live from your Soul!



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