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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

In this short video, I will be releasing layers of Anger at Self trapped in your body through Metatronic Light Language.

Examples of Anger at Self:

  • For things we have done or we haven´t done

  • For things we believe we should have done or we should not have done

  • For allowing people do or not do things to us

  • In the form of self-blame

  • For allowing things that we believe are unfair or unjust in our lives

I will also be showing you how to acknowledge and integrate emotions we create, so we send a different signal or geometry to the Universe and attract less situations that lead us to generate the frequency of Anger. Contrast situations will always come along our way, but the way we react to them is key to keep our Energy balanced and manifest a Life with Joy and Happiness.

If you would like more information about releasing Anger or work with me, please send a message to

Discover my Energy Healing work using the Emotion Code, Body Code and Light Language:

Love and Light


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