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Healing the Heart - Breaking Down the Heart-Wall

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The Heart is the core of your being. It is pure Love and it´s been suggested as the second brain, which communicates with ever single cell of your body.

Through a very advanced technology called magnetocardiogram (MCG), scientists were able to find out that the Heart is the most electromagnetic organ in our body.

• It generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than our brain.

• It envelops every cell of the body and it extends up to 12 feet in diameter around the body!

• It is constantly sending information to your body that can affect your emotional and physical body.

Due to traumatic experiences, your body might create and trap emotions, which might get lodged around your Heart. Your subconscious mind will take those layers of emotions and start building a wall, so your Heart doesn´t get more injured.

The Heart-Wall will block energy from flowing through your body, so you might have trouble in healing emotionally and physically. It might also prevent you from opening your Heart to others, to feel emotions and connect to others.

Signs of a Heart-Wall

  • Neck, head, or chest discomfort.

  • Self-sabotage and lack of abundance.

  • You feel unmotivated, have creativity blocks, a lack of joy and intuition.

  • You feel depressed and/or anxious (always look for help from a health-care professional).

  • You have a pain or ailment that never heals.

  • You have difficulty giving and receiving love, you feel numb to the emotional needs of others and keep attracting wrong and abusive relationships.

What happens when you unlock and open your Heart? The difference can be felt sometimes immediately, as experienced with clients many times. But other times the change is more subtle and takes place over time. What we can assure you is that opening your Heart will not only help you live a life with more joy, love and connection, but will also help to increase the level of understanding and love in the world.

If you would like to watch a LIVE Heart-Wall session that I performed with a loving volunteer, please take a look here:

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Sending you Love

Andréa Luizari - Energy Medicine Practitioner.

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