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Healing the Heart Series


Created by Dr. Cathleen King, DPT and Andréa Luizari
Bringing Dimensional Shift© Brain Rewiring and
Emotion Code™ & Light Language together

The Heart

The Heart is the center of your being.

It is pure Love and it´s been suggested as

the second brain, which communicates with every single cell of your body.

Through a very advanced technology called magnetocardiogram (MCG), scientists were able to find out that the Heart is the most electromagnetic organ in our body.

It generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than our brain.

It envelops every cell of the body and it extends up to 12 feet in diameter around the body!

It is constantly sending information to your body that can affect your emotional and physical body.

Due to traumatic experiences, your body might create and trap emotions, which might get lodged around your Heart. Your subconscious mind will take those layers of emotions and start building a wall, so your Heart doesn't get more injured.


The Heart-Wall will block energy from flowing through your body, so you might have trouble healing emotionally and physically. It might also prevent you from opening your Heart to others, to feel emotions and connect.

What happens when you Open Your Heart?

You gain a tangible sense of your True Self Essence, which is the energetic presence that can heal anything!  

 "I truly have seen such a shift. I have gained compassion, connection, and for the first time in years, or maybe ever, I was assertive in a work situation amongst male co-workers who were not treating me as their equal. I felt incredibly empowered and was encouraged by a dear friend and co-worker who said he was proud of me for standing up for myself. Love, light and magic to you both. I love you both!"

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Be part of this beautiful Community

We are very excited to announce this group healing series to release the layers of emotions blocking your heart!

This series includes:

Emotion Code

Light Language

Brain Rewiring

Heart Coherence Practices

Quantum Healing

Energetic Attunements

☑️ We offer a series of 4 classes
☑️ Each class is about 60 min and includes pre-recorded healing and Q&A
☑️ Classes were recorded on Zoom and can be accessed and viewed anytime at your own pace. You do not have to attend live for an energetic healing aspect to be effective.

☑️ You gain access to a private Facebook Community in which you will be able to experience heart-brain coherence practices and activation of Light Codes through Light Language to deepen your ability to self regulate and heal.


Join us in this revolutionary process to not only Open Your Heart, but to help increase the level of understanding Love throughout the world!

4 classes + Facebook Group for only 83€ (including VAT)

Tammy / United States

"Thank you truly for a beautiful journey this past month. You are both beautiful guides and teachers.You both are gifts. The universe thanks you! I thank you!!"




Andrea will be creating a deep heart wall healing experience through:

  • Light Language healing to release 7 types of Heart-Wall emotions: past-life, preconception, prenatal, inherited, common, shared and absorbed.

  • Light Language healing to release etheric implants from your Heart that could be keeping you asleep and energetically tied to the 3D matrix, keeping your Heart-Chakra shut down, interfering with the development of your natural gifts and blocking the flow of your Heart energy

  • Light Language healing to release the "addictive" Heart energy

  • Light Language healing to balance your Vagus Nerve and Heart-Chakra.



Cathleen will be addressing healing the heart wall through:

  • Creating heart-brain coherence to create a sense of safety, connection, and love

  • Vagus nerve regulation practices

  • Rewiring the brain to expand conscious awareness into a 4th and 5th dimensional open hearted perception of trust and surrender

  • Quantum healing transmissions via channeled visualization and attunements for subconscious programming


In addition, we created a private Facebook group for all members who wish to participate, primarily for a focused simple practice of regular heart-brain coherence to deepen the collective group’s ability to self regulate and heal. This is a unique opportunity to have healing experiences through generating a collaborative electromagnetic heart connection of healing directed to each other.  The Facebook group also allows for support throughout the heart wall project series. 

Jonathan, Sweden

Thank you for an incredible course. In the few weeks of the course, I’ve experienced a deepening in brain-heart coherence, a more profound trust in life (as was my intention) and more distance from the “pain body”. Knowing that my essence is always indestructible love and light is becoming more and more embodied, and thus I’m beginning to embrace everything in me and around me with less resistance. It feels like a burden has lifted. I know that I don’t have to fix myself to feel safe, because I am inherently safe in this body in this time just the way I am right now. Cathleen’s knowledge, her amazing ability to integrate intelligence and expertise with intuition, spirituality and personal experience makes her a great guide and teacher. Andréa’s contagious radiance and profound gift and experience as a light-worker has introduced me to a realm of love and wisdom I didn’t know exist. Several difficult events and conditions in my life experience happened during the course, one even very traumatic, but thanks to the practice of being in my heart and knowing I am indestructible, I could allow myself to express and experience my emotions that took place during these times with much more ease and trust, and it felt very empowering. Things flow through my energy body with more ease, and I look forward to seeing were continuing the work will take me. Sincerely, Jonatan Bogren, Sweden

Join us 

Be part of this healing revolution!

4 classes + Facebook Group for only 83€ (including VAT)


In addition to our inner calling as Lightworkers  and vast Experience with metaphysical healing, Cathleen and I both have extensive science based educational backgrounds and experience in the health and medical field. 


I've been in the health/wellness field as a health care practioner and coach since 1999.


I graduated with my doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Pacific University in 2003 with post graduate training in orthopedic manual therapy and specializing in somatic movement brain retraining. 

I have had further training and personal healing experiences in the field of energetic and mind-body medicine since 2008. My advanced training has focused primarily on neuroplasticity based healing methods and limbic system rewiring programs such as DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System), Lightning Process, Gupta Program, Joe Dispenza's Work, The Sarno Method, Emotional Freedom Technique© (EFT), PSYCH-K, HeartMath©, NLP.  I weave solid neuroscience with other energetic healing tools.  And spiritually, I love to weave principles from A Course in Miracles in my work. 


My education is vast, and my personal healing experience outweighs anything I have read in a book.  


Andréa Luizari Ferreira, MSc.

Andréa Luizari Ferreira is a former Veterinarian and has over 10 years of experience in human clinical trials and pharmacovigilance in several therapeutic areas, including Oncology and Dermatology. Andréa holds a Masters Degree in Pharmacovigilance from the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, UK (Herts).


Andréa has discovered Energy Healing at the end of 2018, became a certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner by Dr. Bradley Nelson in 2019 and has recently activated Light Language.


The Light Language spoken by Andréa is unique and extremely powerful, as she channels Archangel Metatron. Metatron uses his Cube, made of sacred geometry to release imbalances, shift and activate your dormant DNA. For more information on Light Language, click here.

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M.S., Canada

I loved this Healing the Heart series. Cat and Andrea gave us so much support with the daily Heartmath check in and opportunity to ask questions. They are both very kind women who really care about your healing. I had some major detox after some of the light language sessions both physically and emotionally but I trusted the process and it would pass after a couple of days. My energy is good and I feel optimistic about healing.

Jill, United States

I find it fascinating that since beginning this Heart course with you two Light Beams, my over eating is non existent. Not through force, or power over, or agitated self monitoring. I simply am not turning to food to comfort me. I Love this whole experience. The FB lives add support and cohesion to the weekly sessions.Thank you both for all you do to clear negativity from the earth plane and for your support of healing, re-orienting us to the Love that We Are! 

Ana, Portugal

Dear Cath & Andréa, I want to thank you for this wonderful experience. I'm not a person of many words, but I want to share that in this classes I really felt very supported. I usually don't feel things as intensive as I hear other people do, but without any doubt during the last class i felt lighter🙏 🙂 . The fact that we had the facebook group, and your direct videos almost daily helped a lot and made this classes one of a kind. I have done some energy work before, but many times after the classes you just go home and if your not very disciplined (which is my case 🙂), you just forget to do your daily homework. The facebook group reminded us that there is still work to do, and helped to get into a routine. I'm definitely will be watching out for your next classes and when possible will attend them. Once again, thank you for sharing your time with us.
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Taylor, Australia

I found the course with Cathleen and Andrea a great way to go to a deeper level with my healing.  Combining the brain retraining with the energy work is a powerful tool that helps to shift old beliefs at a quantum level whilst also catering to the intellect. 

Cathleen’s knowledge of the limbic system and brain retraining is broad and it’s great she can relate on a personal level from her own experiences. 


 Both ladies are very nurturing and supportive and make the exercises easy to listen to & follow.

T.T. United States

As a brain trainer, a mother, a wife and an empath who has a history of developmental trauma, I was guided to Cat at the most opportune time.

When I first started a session with Cat, I was introduced to a MUCH bigger picture than a simple brain function. I got the opportunity to learn the effect of trauma from my childhood and pre-birth time. As I gained the tools to face and release them, I began to function better.

Her vast knowledge on healing the brain, the body, and releasing the trapped energy (And the energy work in general) helps me live my life with truth and authenticity. I am truly impressed by her intuitive advice every time I work with her. Her exceptional inputs invariably provide me the “A-ha” moments that I’ve been missing.

Laura, Spain

Everything is vibration and energy. My coach Cathleen King and Andrea Luizari Ferreira are doing an extraordinary work putting together Brain Rewiring and Energy Healing. I've never tried something like this and it did blow my mind.


In less than 24 hours I felt the benefits from this awesome class. No joke! If you want to speed up your recovery through brain rewiring give this a try. Everything is connected and time doesn't exists, when we let go of the past and open our heart, true healing happens.


Even though I am a Licensed Physical Therapist, I am not offering Physical Therapy services through this offering or course offerings. THE CLASS INSTRUCTION AND OFFERINGS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE, DIAGNOSIS, OR TREATMENT OR FOR A PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC RELATIONSHIP. Information given is not for diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. Always consult a healthcare professional if you suspect you require medical or psychiatric treatment. If you believe or suspect you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately. You agree to use your own due diligence and judgement before applying any advice or recommendations made throughout my products and services, and also acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your health, life and wellbeing, as well as the health, lives and wellbeing of any dependents.

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Releasing trapped emotions and any other energy or imbalance using the Emotion Code™, Body Code®, Light Language or any other type of Energy Healing, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care. The emotional energy healing work I provide is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or medical conditions. Information provided here should not be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional or veterinarian. Any questions or concerns about your health should be directed to your physician. Any questions or concerns about your pet´s health should be directed to a veterinarian. Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.

Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care.

1. Sessions are strictly confidential. 2. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.