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Ascension is a process of consciousness expansion into frequencies of Love and Light.

When we release old trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs acquired throughout our life and forgive our past, we start raising our vibration and expanding our conscious awareness.

Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs start changing and we tun into higher frequencies such as

love, joy, compassion, which lead to what we call “Ascension” or Spiritual Awakening.

However, changes also happen within our bodies because our cells start increasing the ability

to hold Light, which can transform and heal anything. And 2020 is the year of physical ascension.

This shift or new vibration takes a while for the body to get used to and depending on the level of

resistance in letting these energies and old beliefs leave our body, we might experience emotional

and physical symptoms.

These symptoms are called Ascension Symptoms and emotional energy healing processing symptoms belong to them.


  • Because we become beings that can hold higher and faster frequencies of consciousness and we are changing the density of our bodies.


  • Emotional up and downs, crying, nausea, a need for extra sleep, tiredness, fatigue.

  • Migraines and headaches: your brain is forming new neural pathways and creating new thought paths! The more we accept them, the easier the process will be. Headaches can also be the result of the energies of others being in your head.

  • Flu like symptoms: you are not physically ill; it just feels like it and it usually goes away within 24/48 hours. It is like a spiritual fire rising within you and clearing all toxic energies from your cells.

  • Sore muscles and joints, skin eruptions that come and go: you are releasing old toxic energy. You need to move your body, dance, swim, go for a walk, etc.

  • You start having intense dreams (releasing old energies, reconnecting with past life experiences, knowledge or memories) and unusual sleep patterns (overthinking, over processing problems and solutions).

  • You start looking for a purpose in life and break free from the job you are not happy with; from people you are not anymore aligned with and from disharmonious situations.

  • You start changing your diet, eating habits and feel more drawn to be in nature and calm environments.

  • You start seeing double/triple digit numbers such as 11:11 or noticing a sudden increase in synchronicity (meaningful coincidences).

  • You start being more creative and inspired.

  • You start being more sensitive to other people ´ s energy, smells, sounds and start having unexplainable nervousness or anxiety that comes and goes spontaneously for no apparent reason.

  • You start having a profound feeling of love, peace and understanding with all things.

  • You start experiencing increase in heart rate out of the blue, or unusual sensations in the heart chakra area.

  • And many others.


  • Always contact your Healthcare professional or physician if needed

  • Don ´ t resist or reject symptoms and don ´ t think you are going crazy

  • Drink lots of water and eat live food, such as fruits, salads and vegetables

  • For aches and pains, take Epsom salt baths

  • If you get too anxious, ground your energy, use Lavender essential oil

  • Go for a walk, spend some time in nature and contemplate its beauty

  • Move your body, listen to your favorite song and dance with it

  • Do meditation & heart coherence practices

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