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Changes in Self-Reported Depression, Anxiety and PostTraumatic Stress

And the results of the first clinical study using the Emotion Code are there!! As a former clinical study manager, I couldn´t be happier!!!

This research evaluated whether the EC healing modality had a significant impact on a population of 146 participants.

Individuals completed pre- and post-treatment assessments measuring depression, anxiety and PTSD symptomatology, as well as sociodemographic characteristics.

Results show significant decreases in symptomatology in all three mental health categories. 


These results suggest that the EC healing method may be a useful tool in aiding to decrease reported symptoms in the areas of anxiety, PTSD, and depression!!!

See uploaded literature HERE.

PT - E os resultados do primeiro e único estudo clínico usando o Emotion Code foram publicados! Como ex- gestora de estudos clínicos, não poderia estar mais feliz!!

146 indivíduos com sintomatologia de depressão, ansiedade e transtorno de estress pós-traumático participaram no estudo.


Os resultados mostram uma diminuição significativa dos sintomas nas 3 categorias!

Veja a publicação AQUI.


Energy Healing Articles & Resources

In this area I will share with you information not only about the Emotion Code, but also about Energy Healing in general.

Biofield Science and Healing: History, Terminology, and Concepts

Beverly Rubik, PhD; David Muehsam, PhD; Richard Hammerschlag, PhD; Shamini Jain, PhD

Beverly Rubik, PhD and colleagues present in this article an overview and the value of the biofield, an energy field that surrounds living bodies and affects the body. Please click here to see the article.

Dynamic correlations between heart and brain rhythm during Autogenic meditation

Dae-Keun Kim, Kyung-Mi Lee, Jongwha Kim, Min-Cheol Whang, and Seung Wan Kang

Epigenetic Transmission of the Impact of Early Stress Across Generations

Tamara B. Franklina,b, Holger Russiga,b, Isabelle C. Weissa,b, Johannes Gräffc, Natacha Lindera,b, Aubin Michalond, Sandor Vizia,b, Isabelle M. Mansuya,b,low asterisk,'Correspondence information about the author Isabelle M. Mansuy

Traumatic experiences in early life are risk factors for the development of behavioral and emotional disorders. Such disorders can persist through adulthood and have often been reported to be transmitted across generations. This article reports the negative impact of early stress on behavioral responses across generations and on the regulation of DNA methylation in the germline. Please click here to see the article.

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