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This Powerful Attunement and DNA Activation using Light Language and Sacred Geometry will help you clear Resistance to Healing and Raise your Healing Consciousness.


This Activation is for you:

🌿If you have tried several different healing therapies, tools, but you haven´t found any relief yet

🌿If you find yourself stuck, or you sabotage your healing process and believe that healing is not possible for you


Along your healing path, we often find our own resistance to change and healing. We resist changing, healing, and growing because of the old patterns we are familiar with, even if they are dysfunctional, damaging, self-limiting to us.

It feels easier to stay where we are, instead of listening to our Soul, and changing.


Resistance to healing starts in the mind, with our thoughts, limiting beliefs, contrasting situations that we were not able to accept or process.


In this powerful DNA Activation and Attunement including Soul Coaching and Light Language, you will:

🌿 Release layers of dense and trapped energy blocking you from healing and embodying who you really are.

🌿 Activate your specific intentions.

🌿 Learn how to Activate “I am Presence”, open your Heart, and claim your Sovereignty and True Mission. Your Soul is accessed via the Heart and this is the gateway to enter 5D Consciousness.


Ready to transform?


🦋 There will be healing, DNA activations & Soul Coaching!


Let´s upgrade our DNA and get back to the Unlimited, Vibrant Beings that we are! 


Andréa Luizari



Note: After purchasing your attunement, you will receive a LINK to download your audio within your invoice email, which says "Thanks for shopping with us"!


Clearing Resistance to Healing & Raising Healing Consciousness 🌟 DNA Activation

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