Ginger´s Health Issues and Personality Change Healed

"Andrea is phenomenal! My cat started having some health issues and a drastic personality change. He was withdrawn and not himself. Andrea did a session with him and uncovered his biggest struggle and also cleared away his blocks. Almost immediately his appetite came back, his eyes looked brighter, and his personality was back to normal. He'd been struggling for about a week prior to this session. In addition to helping him she is full of heart and compassion. She's an amazing healer that I very highly recommend.

A. / Texas / USA

The Emotion Code is Fascinating!

"My session with Andrea was very relaxed, I felt completely at ease and able to explore my personal matters without feeling awkward. Working using the emotion code is fascinating and a fantastic way to work through difficult issues."

A. / London / UK

Hidden Heart-Wall Released

"I had an Emotion code session with Andrea. My issue was: not finding a true love. She released trapped emotions and hidden heart wall during the session. Since the session I have felt lighter, free and happier. I would love to have more sessions with Andrea. She is very kind and professional."

T. / Mongolia

Free of Anger and Fear

"Dear Andrea, I want to thank you for changing the energy in Joseph´s life. Now, Joseph is not afraid anymore and has no more anger. I don’t have words to describe how much thankful I am! Gratitude!"

F. / Porto / Portugal

Long Term Emotions Healed

“I had my 1st ever energy healing session with Andrea via Messenger.  Although I was a bit skeptical as to what could be done over the phone, so many miles apart, I found that I connected with Andrea right away.  Our session lasted for about 1 hour and I believe that Andrea healed some long term emotions that I have carried, and also uncovered more that need to be dealt with. Andrea is a very caring, in site full person, who has a beautiful spirit.  I will definitely be working with her in the future. Thank you Andrea! “

K. / Minnesota / USA

You have done Magic!

"I couldn´t walk properly because of my chronic pain on my both heels. I couldn´t believe it, but after one session, the pain was gone!"

M. / Brazil

The Emotion Code Helped my Daughter

"My teenage daughter has had severe constipation since her infancy. We tried everything, but nothing seemed to help her. It was a very hard situation to deal with not only for her, but also for the whole family. Andrea did 3 Emotion Code sessions with her and released several trapped emotions from her very early age. It was like magic, and her intestinal tract came back to normal!!! The Emotion Code is a God´s instrument and I am deeply thankful for what Andrea has done for her and for our family!"

D. / Brazil

Fear of Being Around People Gone
Dear Andrea, 
I‘m amazed that emotion code really works! The fear that blocked me for years to sing in a choir or even to speak in public is gone! Since it is released I feel like a new person. Sometimes I even do not believe that I made a speech in a foreign language or sang in public as there were like an ordinary situation! Thank you for helping me to live a free life!

                                                      A. / Germany

Severe Hair Loss Gone

"I didn´t know whatelse to do to stop my hair from falling out so often and in absurd quantities . I was really hopeless until I found Andrea. Andrea did 4 Emotion Code sessions and discovered several trapped emotions from my childhood and cleared others related to some traumas from my early twenties. I am so thankful to her, now my hair falls out as it should be."

M. / Brazil