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Clients come to me for several reasons

Chronic physical and emotional issues


Ascension Symptoms

Feeling stuck, no matter what they do

Looking for the Soulmate

Healing past and current Relationships

Ancestral Healing

Healing Money Wounds and unlocking Abundance

Learning how to be in touch with their Soul

Healing the Energetics of Trauma 

Learning how to accept the lessons the Soul planned for this lifetime and forgive the self and others


Single Energy Healing Session

Up to 45 min - 90€ (Euros)

I can help you uncover the blocks that are preventing you from standing in your Power to heal and move forward. I see how fulfilling, joyfull, health, money, body, even relationships can be when we tap back into our natural state and align to our soul.

Emotion Code & Body Code sessions are combined with Healing Streams of Grace and Intuitive Healing.

Let´s create some Magic together!

Sessions are done without your presence and you will receive a report and an audio afterwards (if desired). All payments all done via Paypal.


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Include the AO Scan Technology with your Sessions

Complete set of AO Scans + SEFI frequencies for 5 days - 97€ (Euros)

The AO Scan is the most advanced technology in Energy Medicine at the moment and it identifies the optimum frequencies of the cells, tissues, and organs in your body, and restores them to a state of balance and harmony.

If you would like to learn more about the AO Scan, take a look at some information HERE. You can also join my private Facebook group and watch a demonstration HERE.

You can either purchase the complete set of AO Scans alone + SEFI frequencies for 5 days, or you can combine them with your Body Code sessions.

For each set of AO Scans, you will receive: Inner Voice reports including 4 audio files (MP3), Vitals Scan (Blood report, Gastrointestinal report, Nutritional report, Physical Functionality report, Toxicities report), Comprehensive Scan (performs a detailed scan of the frequencies from over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes), SEFI frequencies (I will be broadcasting to you daily energy frequencies to balance emotions and body functions for 5 days).

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Include the AO Scan Technology with your Sessions

SEFI Frequencies - choose up to 10 frequencies to be broadcasted to you for 5 days - you will receive more information after your purchase - 57€ (Euros) 

QUANTUM REACH - These are the "feel good" frequencies.  Ranging from Abundance, Creativity, Energy, Focus, Immune Support, Inner Peace, Memory/Focus, Sleep Well, Stress Free.  There are 30 total.

QUANTUM FREQUENCY - These are specific to diseases and ailments.  Ranging from Acne, Allergies, Arthritis, Blood pressure high/low, Bronchitis, Cold sores, Digestion, Hair loss, Bacterial and Viral Infections, Pain, Parasites, Skin Disorders, Shock and Trauma, Urinary Issues, etc.  There are over 450 frequencies in this section to choose from.  

QUANTUM HOMEOPATHICS - This is a recent update with 40+ frequencies for those well loved homeopathic remedies such as belladonna, arnica montana, etc.

QUANTUM CHAKRAS - Frequencies to align each of the seven main chakras.

QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS & INNERGY HOMEOPATHIC - ENERGETIX - Affirmations frequencies and detox frequencies for viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, alcohol, heavy metals, parasites, etc.

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Energy Healing Package with 3 Sessions

Up to 45 min - 243€ (Euros) - save 10%

You can use these sessions for yourself or you can give to somebody else or family member. I am happy to help you through your Healing Journey!

Emotion Code & Body Code sessions are combined with Healing Streams of Grace and Intuitive Healing.

Sessions are done without your presence and you will receive a report and an audio afterwards (if desired). All payments all done via Paypal.


Family in Bed

Family Package - 8 Energy Healing Sessions

Up to 45 min - 648€ (Euros) - save 10%

Bring Harmony and Balance to the whole family,including your pet! Most common energies released: Heart-Wall, Cording and other Offensive Energies.

Emotion Code & Body Code sessions are combined with Healing Streams of Grace and Intuitive Healing.

Sessions are done without your presence and you will receive a report and an audio afterwards (if desired). All payments all done via Paypal.


1:1 Mentoring & Coaching with Andréa Luizari

Helping you Align your Energy, Collapse Time and Quantum Manifest what you most wish in your Life!

Manifestation Strategies & Energetic Alignment based in Science and Truth

In my 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching sessions, I will be helping you find out where you are not energetically aligned in your life. Where are you experiencing emotions and vibrations that are not aligned to the quantum version of you?

You will learn manifestation strategies based in science and truth aligned with deep Energy Healing sessions. 

Believe me, it is possible to collapse time and manifest anything that is aligned to our true values, to our Soul´s Purpose. I manifested everything I always wished for in my life and I live now in Balance, Abundance, and Harmony with my husband doing what I love!

I offer packages with 4 and 8 sessions of 60 minutes each, which will teach you:

  • How manifestation works and how to set your intentions and place an order to the Universe.

  • To become an Energetic Match to what you desire, access the Quantum field and collapse time to manifest your most beautiful dreams NOW.

You will get:

  • Weekly email & Voxer support.

  • Deep Energy Healing using the Body Code of Dr. Bradley Nelson and Healing Streams of Grace.

  • Complete release of all offensive energies (your Light Score will raise to 100%).

  • Daily energy frequencies generated and broadcasted by the most advanced technology in Energy Medicine - the AO Scan. You can choose frequencies that go from Abundance, Wealth & Success to Concentration, Determination, Focus and Clarity, and many others.

  • You will learn how to do your own Energy Clearing, so you can keep your Balance and keep manifesting any new goals.

You are only a few steps away from unlocking your truth, activating your full potential and returning to your infinite state as a powerful creator to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and experience real freedom, now.

Home Clearing.png

Home or Workplace Energetic Clearing

Single Session - 125€ (Euros) 

For reasons you don´t understand, you feel uncomfortable, sad, or anxious in your home or workplace. You feel lethargic all the time and don´t have the focus or the will to do anything. You have repetitive negative thoughts, you experience repeated quarrels within the family or team members at work and there are erratic, irrational or unpredictable behavior by member(s) of the family, in response to simple/straight stimulus.

Those signs could all indicate there are offensive energies, such as lost souls, thought-forms, virus energy, low level consciousness hanging around your home or workplace.


After releasing thousands of dark offensive energies from clients, I would like to offer now Home or Workplace Energetic Clearing. This session is done only by myself using Healing Streams of Grace. I will be clearing any negative energy or distortion that could be affecting your home or workplace. I will be also sealing any openings, cracks, holes, or portals after the release.


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