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The Ascension Masterclass - including Activation of your 3 lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) and your main glands!


In this Masterclass, I will be helping you
✨ Learn about this magical and transformational moment we are all going through called Ascension. You will learn about the importance of embodying who you really are, detaching from limiting beliefs, so Abundance and Prosperity can flow to your life.


 ✨ Learn about Ascension symptoms. Why are we experiencing them?​ Did you know that your pets are also going through the same process? Do you know how to best help them?


✨ Alleviate Ascension symptoms and better receive and integrate Ascension energies.


✨ Activate your Energetic Signature, find out what motivates, inspires you deeply, so you can embody your true Divine Nature and create a life you truly Love.


In this Masterclass, you will also:

 ✨ Learn the 2 main practices that I do daily in order to receive and integrate Ascension energies.

 ✨ Activate through Light Language your main glands, such as ovaries and testes, adrenals, pancreas, thyroid, thymus, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, and pineal gland. Most of these glands generate frequencies such as shame, humiliation, jealousy, longing, overwhelm, worthlessness, unworthy, shock, pride. Let´s release them and activate our glands fully!



BONUS 1 - Audio including Meditation with short affirmations combined with a Light Language Transmission to help you align your 3 lower chakras. You need to be stable in your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras in order to be grounded in your body. It is only when you are grounded in your body that you can know what you are feeling and are able to receive high frequency energies that are constantly coming to shift and upgrade your DNA, so you can manifest your desires with ease and grace.


 ✨ BONUS 2 - Audio including the Light Language transmission alone.


If you are ready to deep dive into Ascension, what it really means, how it is affecting your body, your emotions, your DNA , and how you can use these powerful energies to transform your life, then this Masterclass is for you!


Important: Please note that you will receive an email with the links to access the video and the audios.

The Ascension Masterclass

111,00 €Price
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