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✨Releasing Energetic Distortions and Mechanisms of Control ✨ Breaking free from the Matrix!


I had no idea how much we are controlled and highly influenced by the media, TV, internet, fast food chains and highly processed foods, until I was guided to channel this Light Language transmission and saw its effects on myself and my family.


Not only do we change our beliefs, opinions, perceptions and emotions based on information selected by the media, but we also lose our sovereignty when we are exposed to content, to low vibrational foods that contain energetic control mechanisms, which keep humanity in the illusion of fear, separation, limitation and scarcity.


This Light Language transmission will help you release:


  • Mechanisms of emotional, mental and spiritual manipulation and control coming from the media, internet, music, TV, fast and highly processed foods, and other sources that we have no idea of!

  • Energetic attachments and devices targeted to keep you in fear, hate, shame, envy, jealousy, anger, and addiction.

  • Energetic cords coming from dark forces and other low vibrational beings.

  • Thought-forms associated with fear, hate, shame, anger, envy, jealousy.


Please before listening to the transmission, call in Source, your guides, Angels and Archangels, Galactic Beings or whoever your believe in to support you clearing and sealing with Divine Healing frequencies:

  • The space you are in, including walls, ceilings, floors.

  • Your personal electrical devices including computers and mobile phones.

  • Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, giving special attention to your nervous system.


Audios included in this package:

Audio 1: About Light Language
Audio 2: Coaching - Energetic Distortions coming from TV, the Internet and Social Media
Audio 3: BONUS - Grounding and Expanding your Energy Field
Audio 4: Light Language transmission - Releasing Energetic Distortions and Mechanisms  Control Mechanisms coming from Technologies and Social Media

Audio 5: BONUS - Light Language transmission - Releasing Offensive Energies



  • Please drink plenty of water before and after listening to this Light Language transmission. Ground your energy, go to nature, do some creative work, whatever brings you to the present moment. Allow trapped energies to leave your body with ease and grace. If you feel any processing symptom, please know that they should go away within 1 to 3 days.
  • This Light Language transmission is a tool for you to clear your energy field on a daily basis or whenever you need it. Everytime you listen to my Light Language, you will be releasing new layers of energetic distortions, offensive energies, and align your energy field. Please trust your body and your intuition when it is time to clear more energies.
  • Please note that my healing work does not substitute your medical care. Please allow any dense energy, trapped emotions to go with love and compassion. This is a sacred and deep healing work, but know that you are not alone. You are guided and supported by Source and the Universe.


Remember: you are a Divine Being of Light! Anything that is not aligned to who you truly are should be released and sent back to Source, so you can shine your Light and attract what you most wish in your life!


Note: After purchasing your product, you will receive a LINK to download a PDF DOCUMENT within your invoice email, which says "Thanks for shopping with us"! You will find a link in this document to all audios included in this package.


Client Love


Judie, USA

"The remote energy transmission was something I have never experienced. I have found a peacefulness that has not been mine to enjoy for over 25 years."



"Since I started working with you, so many magical things are happening and I’m awaking to spiritual gifts and meeting spirit animals and guides! Unbelievable!!! I’m feeling blessed!"


Cristina, Portugal

"I don´t know what you say, but when you start speaking in this language that looks like from another planet, I felt as if a ray had entered my body electrifying every single cell; they all vibrated. And it touched my heart."


Releasing Energetic Distortions and Mechanisms of Control

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11,11 €Sale Price
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