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If you are facing chronic problems with your bronchi and lungs, suffering from recurrent respiratory infections, or feeling a heaviness in your chest that feels suffocating, this product is especially for you!


You will learn to recognize and validate your deepest emotions, allowing you to finally feel and express what is in your heart.


You will explore the main emotional experiences that may be affecting your respiratory health and learn to deal with these emotional aspects, providing a path to relief from physical symptoms.


You will also receive powerful energy healing to dissolve blockages and release stagnant energy in your body, providing a holistic and integrative approach to your healing.


Prepare yourself for a journey of liberation and revitalization, where you will dispel the energy blocks that prevent you from breathing fully.


This product is a unique tool to unblock stagnant energy and breathe more freely and fully, providing the support and guidance you need on your healing journey.


If you are ready to take that step towards your healing, don't miss this opportunity!


Who is this session for?

  • Individuals with chronic problems with the bronchi and lungs.

  • People who suffer from frequent respiratory infections.

  • People with a feeling of heaviness in the chest or tight chest.

  • Individuals who have experienced loss: loss of a person, loss of health, material loss, emotional loss, loss of a job.

  • People with a tendency to feel sad, discouraged and distressed.


🌀 Product Benefits 🌀

  • Become aware of the experiences in our lives that can trigger respiratory problems.
  • Learn to develop emotional regulation to avoid the accumulation of stagnant energy that contributes to health problems.
  • Dissolve stagnant energy that is harming the health of your respiratory system through:
    • Alignment of your Heart Chakra, responsible for the lungs.
    • Healing the energetic cause of non-beneficial bacteria present in the respiratory system.
    • Activation of the Higher Heart to allow forgiveness of the past.


What is included?

  • Mentoring to help you in the process of self-discovery and emotional regulation.
  • Energy activation to release stagnant energy that is blocking your lungs and breathing.
  • Language of Light – Release of grief and sadness – Alignment of the lungs.


Join us on this transformative journey that will significantly improve your lung health and help you breathe better.


📌 NOTE: After purchasing this product, you will receive a LINK to download a PDF document, which includes guidance and a link to the audios.


🌿 Embrace Holistic Healing as a Complementary Approach - Disclaimer 🌿

We want to emphasize that while our energy healing can bring transformative benefits, it should not replace professional medical help or psychological treatment. Instead, it complements conventional approaches, supporting your overall well-being in a holistic manner.


These tools are intended for individuals who have sound mental health. If you have mental health concerns, we strongly recommend consulting with your mental health physician as this is not a replacement for mental health services.


Results may differ from person to person and cannot be assured. Andréa Luizari and Marta Cunha cannot ensure the success of individuals participating in the group sessions or listening to the audios. The only person who can guarantee your success is yourself.


Are you ready? 


Let's update our DNA together and awaken the Limitless and Vibrant Beings that we are!


With love,


Andréa Luizari & Marta Cunha


What People are saying about our Group Sessions


"Hi Andrea! Planning my trip for October within the next few days. But Omg I wanted to say! Your light language transmission for releasing anger and creating a 5D relationship has already worked it's magic on me! I'm not in a relationship yet but I've met two guys, communicated how my boundaries were crossed to another guy ANd he responded in the kindness, most loving way. It was wild!"

Sophia, United States

"What a special group session✨🙌🏻 . I've listened to the audios several times and what peace they bring me. Marta and Andrea are very grateful for being such beautiful and special souls who help us so much and with so much Love❤️. Infinite gratitude ❤️ ✨✨🙌🏻"



Release the Emotions that are blocking your Lungs and Breathe with Ease

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