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Release Anger and Resentment and Create a 5th Dimensional Loving Relationship


📌 NOTE: After purchasing this product, you will receive a LINK to download a PDF document, which includes guidance and a link to the audios.


If you are frequently struggling with feelings of anger, hurt or resentment towards your partner, if your emotions feel overwhelming or if you have difficulty understanding your deepest feelings, then this Energy Healing Product is for you.

Who is this product for?

  • Are you overwhelmed by emotions in your relationship?

  • Do you struggle to be your authentic self with your partner?

  • Does it feel like you're stuck in repetitive relationship patterns?

  • Are you seeking a more intimate and meaningful bond with your partner?

  • Do past relationships continue to affect your present?


🌀Benefits of this Energy Healing Product🌀

The tools contained in this product will help you release and transmute trapped energies that are affecting your romantic relationship, the relationship with others and the relationship with yourself. These energies may include:

  • Unresolved past wounds: both personal and ancestral, influencing your behavior in your relationship.

  • Communication issues: Emotional barriers hindering open communication and deeper connection.

  • Limiting beliefs preventing you from truly seeing your partner and feeling secure in the relationship.

  • Ex-Partner Ties: Release lingering emotional connections from past relationships, including energetic cords and offensive energies, such as curses and spells.

  • Trapped Energies: Reduce the intensity of anger, resentment, and hurt.

  • Energetic Contracts: Dissolve agreements disturbing the harmony in your relationship, which might be leading you to re-live toxic and unhealthy patterns.

🌟 Harmonization of the heart chakra - Opening to Unconditional Love 🌟

A crucial part of this journey is aligning your Heart Chakra, the center of love and compassion. When balanced, this chakra facilitates natural expressions of unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. Imbalance, however, can lead to sadness, difficulty forgiving, judgment, and criticism, both for others and yourself. It can also manifest as hostility, self-centeredness, and bitterness.

💍 Create a 5th Dimensional Loving Relationship 💍

The tools we present aim to liberate you from the past and create space for a healthy, loving relationship aligned with the 5th dimension. You'll receive coaching infused with valuable insights to help you nurture a soul-level, intimate, and harmonious connection. If you're ready to rebuild your loving bond and dismantle the obstacles obstructing your happiness, secure your spot now. Your path to a more profound connection begins here.

🌿 Embrace Holistic Healing as a Complementary Approach - Disclaimer 🌿

We want to emphasize that while our energy healing can bring transformative benefits, it should not replace professional counseling or psychological treatment. Instead, it complements conventional approaches, supporting your overall well-being in a holistic manner.

These energy healing tools are intended for individuals who have sound mental health. If you have mental health concerns, we strongly recommend consulting with your mental health physician as this is not a replacement for mental health services.

Results may differ from person to person and cannot be assured. Andréa Luizari and Marta Cunha cannot ensure the success of individuals participating in the group sessions or listening to the audios. The only person who can guarantee your success is yourself.

 This healing package includes 

  • Audio 1 - Coaching: the main common causes of anger and resentment in relationships and how to heal them in order to cultivate a 5th-Dimensional Connection.

  • Audio 2 - What is Light Language?

  • Audio 3 - Grounding and Expanding your Energy Field.

  • Audio 4 - Guided Meditation and Activation - Love in the Fifth Dimension - a New Earth Romance.

  • Audio 5 - Light Language - Aligning the Liver and Gallbladder - 5D Relationship Activator.


Are you ready to achieve inner peace and true harmony in your romantic relationship? 

Let's update our DNA together and awaken the Limitless and Vibrant Beings that we are!

With love,

Andréa Luizari & Marta Cunha

What People are saying about our Group Sessions


"Hi Andrea! Planning my trip for October within the next few days. But Omg I wanted to say! Your light language transmission for releasing anger and creating a 5D relationship has already worked it's magic on me! I'm not in a relationship yet but I've met two guys, communicated how my boundaries were crossed to another guy ANd he responded in the kindness, most loving way. It was wild!"

Sophia, United States

"Exactly one day before the session, my partner ended the relationship. It wasn't the first time he had done this. I felt very resentful and sad. I was tired from all the comings and goings. I held on with all my strength and faith in the session audios. I listened to the Language of Light channeled by dear Andréia every night before going to sleep for about 20 days, and during these days, not a single word was exchanged with partner. I had no hope that my relationship would get back together again. Approximately a month after the session, which I remember many people in the group were moved by, including myself, my relationship was reborn from the ashes, literally speaking! Everything that Andréia and Marta advised in the audios about relationships, and that I even doubted would happen, came true in my relationship with my ex who was no longer an ex. Affective relationships have always been my Achilles heel. The session was definitely a turning point in my life in this regard. Their work is very genuine and soulful. I have immense and deep gratitude to Marta and Andréia."

Release Anger and Resentment and Create a 5th Dimensional Loving Relationship

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