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✨Light Language Transmissions for Clearing absorbed energies from others and offensive energies✨

Specially indicated for: Empaths, Energy healers, Light workers, Coaches, Massage therapists.


These Light Language transmissions are a tool for you to clear your energy field on a daily basis or whenever you need it. Everytime you listen to my Light Language, you will be releasing new layers of absorbed energies from others, offensive energies, and align your energy field.




As Energy Beings, we are constantly exchanging energy with each other, and depending on our vibrational state, we might attract or absorb energies from people who are vibrating with the frequencies of fear, anger, resentment, scarcity, narcissism, self-sabotage, domination, abuse, and others. If our vibration is lowered by stress, trapped emotions, trauma energies, we will probably be attracting offensive energies or absorbing energies from those close to us, as we become a match to them!


Clearing absorbed energies from others and offensive energies is for you if you:

  • Feel often fatigue, exhaustion

  • Have trouble setting boundaries

  • Are an empath, you are very sensitive to energies

  • Don´t clear and align your energy regularly

  • Feel often shame and guilt 

  • Experience now or experienced an abusive relationship in the past

  • Feel "drained" after giving an energy healing session

  • Experience anger and aggressive behavior

  • Experience behavior or personality changes

  • Can´t ease a pain or have an illness that never heals

  • Have symptoms that can´t be explained by conventional medicine

  • Experience severe mood swings

  • Have undiagnosable, untreatable or unexplained body aches and pain

  • Have nightmares or night terrors

  • Can´t tun into your intuition, creativity, talents and gifts and feel often unmotivated


These Light Language transmissions will help you release the following low vibrational energies:

  • Anchors, chains, hooks, energetic cords
  • Entities
  • Energetic weapons
  • Abuse energy, domination energy, gas-lighting energy, insanity energy, narcissism energy, mind-control energy, black magic, spells, voodoos, sabotage energy, vampire energy, curses, absorbed energetic signature, human energy possession, and others.


These Light Language transmissions will help you bring your energy, your Light back, so you can experience joy, freedom, so you can be YOU and start creating a new reality!


Remember: you are a Divine Being of Light! Anything that is not aligned to who you truly are should be transmuted and sent back to Source, so you can shine your Light and attract what you most wish in your life!


IMPORTANT: Upon purchase of the product, you will receive an email to download a document. In this document, you will find a link to all audios on SoundCloud and further information about the transmissions.


Audios included in this package:


  • Audio 1: About Light Language
  • Audio 2: Before listening to these Light Language transmissions
  • Audio 3: Releasing offensive energies
  • Audio 4: Clearing absorbed energies from others


Ready to transform? 🦋


Let´s upgrade our DNA and get back to the Unlimited, Vibrant Beings that we are!



Andréa Luizari



Client´s testimonial: Yesterday, I listened to your Light Language at the beach and it was so powerful. I cleared so many entities! I felt much better and things at home have also improved. Thank you so much!


Client's experience: I will never forget the day a client asked me to do a session for her mother to release offensive energies she had absorbed from other people, and after the session, she reported that her mother looked 10 years younger! I had done only 1 energy healing session!


✨  Client´s testimonial: "Thank you so much for the session. Last night I had the most deepest and restful nights sleep. I’ve been feeling incredibly fatigued, sad and experiencing other physical symptoms. However last night I had about 9.5 hrs sleep. I woke up feeling rested and a little more like myself. Physically I felt better. It seems this session was exactly what I needed". S, Australia.



Protocols for Clearing absorbed and offensive energies

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