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This is a beautiful service that I am starting to offer from January 2023 on to assist in your Ascension journey.


It is going to help you heal your conscious and unconscious fears and limiting programming which blocks you from advancing in your Ascension journey and manifesting a life you truly desire.


The reading through the Oracle by Jamye Price containing 72 cards will help you grow through the 4 pillars of Ascension:


  1. Awareness - the Lyran Light Codes will help you heal the duality of separation by becoming aware of parts of you that need Love and Acceptance. When we become aware of a negative pattern, of something that is not aligned to our Soul, we initiate healing.
  2. Initiation - the Sirian Light Codes will help you bring emotional and mental balance during challenging times. The goal is to bring you to the present moment, where new things can be created or initiated.
  3. Releasing - the Orions are the ones who had the most powerful and painful transformation from all Galactic races. The Orion Light Codes will help you change and empower yourself to grow and expand.
  4. Expansion - the Pleiadian Light Codes will support the expansion of your potential. You were born with infinite potential and it is time to embody this energy.


Your Higher Self uses the Light Codes to release and activate vibrational information that is perfect for you in the moment.


When you book this service, you will receive:

  • 1 Audio including a Light Language Oracle reading for one or 3 areas of your life. If you choose one area, you will receive 3 cards containing Light Codes representing the past, present and future. If you choose 3 areas of your life, you will receive 1 card for each area.
  • 1 Audio including a Light Language transmission which will be channeled according to the Oracle cards and will release imbalances that are unique to you, so you can align with your highest potential and true Divine Nature.
  • BONUS: you will receive at least 3 extra Light Language activations (no audio provided for these) according to your intention that will be chosen by your Higher Self during the session.


This personal Light Language reading and activation can also be booked for challenges you are facing at the moment:

  • Between you and your partner, husband or wife
  • Between you and other family members 
  • You and your children
  • You and your business 


Let me know if you have any questions!

Sending lots of Love


    Personal Light Language Reading & Activation

    144,00 €Price
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