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Beautiful Light Being ✨,


In this Light Language transmission , Mother Mary will help you activate your Diamond Heart, so you can feel unconditional Love to yourself, to others, to everyone and everything around you.


It will also help you accept and forgive your parents, so you can understand the role that they play in your Soul path evolution and expansion.


📌 NOTE: After purchasing the product, you will receive a LINK to download the mp3 file.


IMPORTANT: Please note that my healing work does not substitute your medical care. If you have any health issues, always contact your health care professional and do all possible medical examinations. 


Let´s upgrade your DNA and get back to the Unlimited, Vibrant Being that you are!




Andréa Luizari 


What People are saying about my Work


"Andrea is such a passionate, kind and gifted healer. Her energy is so beautiful and I am very grateful for her services. She has impacted my life in a wonderful way and has brought profound peace and healing to my soul."  Sonia, USA


"Pure being of light. Her smile is contagious, her work magical. Wonderful sensations that help me follow my path. The knowledge, tranquility and naturalness with which he approaches all topics are a tool for growth". Sofia, Portugal



Mother Mary Diamond Heart Activation

11,11 €Price
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