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LIVE Mentoring Session & Personalized Light Language Activation – 60 min - 250€ (Euros)


We are made of Sacred Geometry, of Divine Cosmic Wisdom and Love. And when we tun into frequencies that match our Energetic Signature, we bring our Energetic, Mental, and Physical bodies back to balance. We connect to our Soul!


This is a LIVE mentoring and energy healing session with me via Zoom, in which we will go deep into what has been blocking you from living in Freedom, Joy, Beauty and Abundance.


You came to this planet to fulfil your Soul Mission, to become a Co-Creator and manifest a life that you will truly love. 


You will receive several Light Language Activations during your session + clearing of what doesn´t serve you anymore.


Whatever your reality is right now, I would love to tell you that it can be changed! 


Let me know if you have any questions!


Sending infinite blessings.




What Soulmate Clients are saying about my Work


"Andrea is such a passionate, kind and gifted healer. Her energy is so beautiful and I am very grateful for her services. She has impacted my life in a wonderful way and has brought profound peace and healing to my soul." Sonia, USA


"Pure being of light. Her smile is contagious, her work magical. Wonderful sensations that help me follow my path. The knowledge, tranquility and naturalness with which he approaches all topics are a tool for growth." Sofia, Portugal


"When I first started to work with Andrea, I had already done some emotion code/body code work so I was already acclimated to it. What I was blown away by was Andrea is more than an emotion code/body code practitioner. She is a full on energy medicine healer using all of her unique gifts including light language. Andrea is attentive and listens to the intention of the client and always brings back information that is useful and tangible. I learned so much from Andrea about my lineage and ancestral contracts that bound me so strongly to patterns that were not serving me at all. She gently guided me back to my true nature and reminded me of the power I had as a light being. She helped me see the things I could not see due to conditioning that was thick and hard to work through. She is a true gem on this planet and is able to see through things that even she at times brings to the table even if she is not so educated on it. She is not afraid to tell you the truth she learns and always does it in a way that is uplifting and honest. I appreciate the work Andrea does and will continue to cherish all her gifts, always. If you are stuck and have tried many things to unlock your gifts, Andrea can help you release blocks and release energies so you can access those gifts. I highly recommend her and her work. My expansion thanks her." F., USA

LIVE Mentoring Session with Andréa

250,00 €Price
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