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"Light Language Healing for Bones and Joints: Unlocking Vitality and Alignment"


This Light Language transmission was channeled to assist you in releasing trapped energies associated with conflicts of separation or exclusion, self-devaluation, movement, and support, which could potentially be affecting your bones and joints.

Based on my extensive experience working with hundreds of clients worldwide, certain emotional conflicts, which may also be inherited, have been closely linked to issues with bones and joints.


Conflicts affecting bones and joints:

Conflict of separation or exclusion:

  • You have experienced feelings of exclusion within your family.
  • You underwent a significant separation from someone important, such as parents or a spouse.
  • Abrupt and unexpected losses have impacted your life.
  • You have not assumed your rightful place in the family, possibly due to unique family dynamics, like being adopted by grandparents and taking the role of your mother's brother instead of her son.

Self-devaluation conflict:

  • You have gone through challenging experiences that triggered feelings of uselessness or inadequacy, leading to a fragile self-esteem and self-depreciation. This conflict might be interconnected with the conflict of separation or exclusion.

Movement Conflict:

  • You or your ancestors have faced experiences where they felt castrated, dominated, trapped, or restricted. This includes situations where they experienced limited freedom of movement or were compelled to do things against their will.

Support conflict:

  • You have felt a lack of help or support, particularly from family members and close individuals.
  • Overwhelming responsibilities have weighed heavily on you, contributing to emotional and physical strain.

Please note that identifying and acknowledging these emotional conflicts is an essential step towards healing and releasing trapped energies. The Light Language transmission aims to address and resolve these conflicts, promoting harmony and well-being within your bones and joints.

How do you know if this Light Language transmission is for you?

  • Do you experience daily pain that affects your back or joints?
  • Do you have joint weakness or stiffness?
  • Do you have movement limitations?
  • Do you have chronic inflammation such as tendinitis or bursitis?
  • Do you have any disease that affects bones and joints such as spondylitis, arthritis, spondyloarthritis or osteopenia?
  • Have you tried various medications and therapies and nothing seems to help solve the problem?

In this transmission, you will receive healing frequencies from several Beings of Light: the Sirians, the Andromedans, Master Jesus, Mother Mary and a white Dragon named Saphir.


More information about how to use this Light Language transmission is included in the pdf document you will receive upon purchasing this transmission.


📌 NOTE: After purchasing the product, you will receive a LINK to download a ZIP FILE containing a PDF guidance document and the audios.


  • Audio 1: About Light Language
  • Audio 2: Light Language Transmission


IMPORTANT: Please note that my healing work does not substitute your medical care. If you have any health issues, always contact your health care professional and do all possible medical examinations. 


Let´s upgrade your DNA and get back to the Unlimited, Vibrant Being that you are!




Andréa Luizari 


Client Love


"When I listen to you, something is always tingling in my heart and my lips turn into smile without trying to do it.

You've been waking up in me unconditional love, I feel more secure, loved and supported. I started to see a wider perspective of everything. Fear is shrinking from all the spheres that ever existed. I enjoy every day, I glow. And I want to share this glow."

I, Croatia


"I learned so much from Andrea about my lineage and ancestral contracts that bound me so strongly to patterns that were not serving me at all. She gently guided me back to my true nature and reminded me of the power I had as a light being. She helped me see the things I could not see due to conditioning that was thick and hard to work through. 


She is a true gem on this planet and is able to see through things that even she at times brings to the table even if she is not so educated on it. She is not afraid to tell you the truth, she learns and always does it in a way that is uplifting and honest. I appreciate the work Andrea does and will continue to cherish all her gifts, always. If you are stuck and have tried many things to unlock your gifts, Andrea can help you release blocks and release energies so you can access those gifts. I highly recommend her and her work."


F., United States


Light Language Healing for Bones and Joints: Unlocking Vitality and Alignment

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