SEFI Frequencies - choose up to 10 frequencies to be broadcasted to you for 5 days - you will receive more information after your purchase - 57€ (Euros) 

QUANTUM REACH - These are the "feel good" frequencies.  Ranging from Abundance, Creativity, Energy, Focus, Immune Support, Inner Peace, Memory/Focus, Sleep Well, Stress Free.  There are 30 total.

QUANTUM FREQUENCY - These are specific to diseases and ailments.  Ranging from Acne, Allergies, Arthritis, Blood pressure high/low, Bronchitis, Cold sores, Digestion, Hair loss, Bacterial and Viral Infections, Pain, Parasites, Skin Disorders, Shock and Trauma, Urinary Issues, etc.  There are over 450 frequencies in this section to choose from.  

QUANTUM HOMEOPATHICS - This is a recent update with 40+ frequencies for those well loved homeopathic remedies such as belladonna, arnica montana, etc.

QUANTUM CHAKRAS - Frequencies to align each of the seven main chakras.

QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS & INNERGY HOMEOPATHIC - ENERGETIX - Affirmations frequencies and detox frequencies for viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, alcohol, heavy metals, parasites, etc.


Inner Voice Report - including 4 audios to balance emotions and body functions


The Inner Voice Scan records over 2,000 frequencies in your voice in 10 seconds over 12 octaves. It finds the emotional imbalances in our bodies, as they are connected to our physical imbalances in our organ systems.


The results come in a 4-page document that lists detailed descriptions of the 4 octaves that are most out of balance as they relate to your emotional state, organ systems, and the ROYGBIV color spectrum. You will receive an email with four (4) audio files that correspond to each of the zones outlined in pages of the report. Listen to these four audio files two to three times daily on your smartphone, tablet or computer, preferably with quality headphones. 

AO Scan - SEFI Frequencies + Inner Voice Report

57,00 €Price