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Single Session - 125€ (Euros) 

For reasons you don´t understand, you feel uncomfortable, sad, or anxious in your home or workplace. You feel lethargic all the time and don´t have the focus or the will to do anything. You have repetitive negative thoughts, you experience repeated quarrels within the family or team members at work and there are erratic, irrational or unpredictable behavior by member(s) of the family, in response to simple/straight stimulus.

Those signs could all indicate there are offensive energies, such as lost souls, thought-forms, virus energy, low level consciousness hanging around your home or workplace.


After releasing thousands of dark offensive energies from clients, I would like to offer now Home or Workplace Energetic Clearing.


This session is done only by myself using different energy healing tools. I will be clearing any negative energy or distortion that could be affecting your home or workplace, such as portals, negative patterns, vortex and entities. I will be also sealing any openings, cracks, holes, or portals after the release.


Please contact me before purchasing this session in order to schedule the session.


Thank you so much!


Sending infinite blessings 



Home or Workplace Energetic Clearing

125,00 €Price
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