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Spiritual Coaching & Light Language Activation: Healing the wound of Rejection and Activating unconditional Self-Love and Self-Acceptance


I believe all of us have experienced some type of rejection in our lives, I did, and on several occasions! Rejection is a universal experience that can happen in different areas of our lives, such as relationships, career, friendships, and more. I was rejected at work, by past partners, by family members.


I´ve noticed that the emotional wound of rejection can be triggered by a variety of situations and they can have different levels of intensity, that is, there are people who are more sensitive to rejection than others.


Depending on the intensity of our wound, it can cause deep emotional pain, feelings of unworthiness, and a negative impact on our self-esteem. These feelings, which might start during our childhood, may also reflect into physical symptoms, such as chronic inflammation, auto-immune diseases, as the nervous system of a child is unable to self-regulate emotionally. The child starts believing there is something wrong with her.


The Spiritual Coaching and Light Language Activation I am offering to you is for you if you identify yourself in any of the situations below:

  • You have trouble saying “no” to others

  • You have difficulty asking for what you need and want

  • You experience insomnia, fatigue, headaches and body aches

  • You have signs of chronic inflammation in the body, such as autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer

  • You procrastinate taking action towards your dreams because you are afraid people will reject your ideas

  • When people criticize you, you feel like a failure, doubt your worth and value, and your self-esteem goes down.

  • You have difficulty trusting others, leading to feelings of suspicion and insecurity

  • You may seek validation and approval from others in an effort to fill the void left by rejection.

  • You may overthink and ruminate on past rejection experiences, leading to feelings of anxiety and stress.

  • You may struggle with maintaining healthy relationships, leading to feelings of isolation and loneliness


The spiritual coaching and Light Language activation are designed specifically for empathic and sensitive souls who have experienced rejection and are ready to release their traumas blocking their ability to love and accept themselves fully.


This healing package will help you:

  • Release and transmute trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, ancestral energies that might be leading you to feel and be rejected in relationships,  with family members, at work; reject others, reject yourself, not accept yourself and others as they are.

  • Learn steps on how to heal the wound of rejection and start loving yourself exactly as you are, so you can move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth.

  • Align the heart chakra, which is associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing. I channeled healing frequencies coming from crystals in Telos, the 5th-dimensional Lemurian City of Light underneath Mt. Shasta. I have recently discovered and activated my gifts coming from a pivotal past life in Lemuria, right before its complete destruction.

  • Activate your intentions by listening to Light Language and also activate them yourself.

What can you expect after doing this healing work?


  • Improved self-esteem and self-worth: Healing the wound of rejection can help you to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and self-esteem, which can positively impact your relationships, career, and overall quality of life.

  • Enhanced emotional resilience: When you heal the wound of rejection, you are better able to navigate challenging emotional situations with greater ease and grace. You become more emotionally resilient and less likely to get triggered by rejection or other emotional wounds.

  • Greater sense of inner peace and contentment: Healing the wound of rejection can help you to cultivate a greater sense of inner peace and contentment, as you learn to let go of past hurts and embrace a more positive and compassionate relationship with yourself.

  • Improved interpersonal relationships: When you heal the wound of rejection, you are better able to connect with others in a more positive and authentic way. This can lead to more fulfilling and harmonious relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

  • Greater alignment with your purpose and goals: As you heal the wound of rejection, you become more aligned with your true self and purpose, and better able to pursue your goals and dreams with clarity and confidence. 


IMPORTANT: Please note that our healing work should not be used as a substitute for professional medical or mental health treatment, but can be used as a complementary approach to support overall well-being. 


NOTE: Upon purchase of the product, you will receive an email to download a ZIP FILE. In this zip file you will find the audios included in this healing package and a PDF guidance document. 


Audios and document included in this package:

  • Audio 1 - Spiritual Coaching and Attunement to help you heal the wound of rejection

  • Audio 2 - About the Light Language transmission to help you heal the wound of rejection

  • Audio 3 - Light Language Transmission - Healing the wound of rejection and activating unconditional Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

  • PDF Guidance Document

Ready to transform? 🦋


Let´s upgrade our DNA and get back to the Unlimited, Vibrant Beings that we are!




Andréa Luizari


What people are saying


“Listening to your Light Language is like coming back home". Sheyla


"The remote energy transmission was something I have never experienced. I have found a peacefulness that has not been mine to enjoy for over 25 years." Judie


"It was so beautiful. My son and I listened together and I feel full of peace." Dr. Cathleen King


"I don't know what you say, but when you start speaking in this language that looks like from another planet, I felt as if a ray had entered my body electrifying every single cell; they all vibrated. And it touched my heart." Cristina

Healing the wound of Rejection and Activating Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

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