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This Powerful Clearing and DNA Activation using Light Language and Sacred Geometry will help you heal Relationship Wounds.


🦋Are you struggling with your current relationship? Or looking for deep, soulful, soulmate love?🦋


This activation is for you, if:

🌿You don´t feel safe in a relationship and can´t trust someone completely.

🌿You feel unlovable and struggle to find the positives in yourself or find reasons that another person would find you attractive, like your personality or feel connected to you.

🌿You have difficulty accepting: “negative” qualities of your partner, such as not believing on what you believe, or having a different set of core values.

🌿You believe you need someone to be happy.

🌿You can´t let go, fully relax and be fully yourself with your partner.

🌿You keep attracting toxic relationships, unavailable partners and can´t find a way to stop this cycle.

🌿You hang on to past lovers, either consciously or energetically and can’t completely surrender to a deep soul connected love.

It is only when we let go of old, stuck energies created during traumatic and challenging events with past and current relationships, express our feelings, and embody our Divine Light, that we are able to move on, open our hearts to new and healthy relationships.

In this powerful Clearing & DNA Activation including Soul Coaching and Light Language, you will release layers of dense and trapped energy which might:


🌿 Be blocking you from loving and accepting yourself unconditionally, others, feeling safe in a relationship and trusting others.

🌿Be preventing you from accepting your partner exactly as he/she is, with his/her own beliefs, set of core values.

🌿Be attracting toxic relationships, unavailable partners.

🌿And other energies!


You will also:

🌿 Through Soul Coaching, learn steps on how to BE in your Heart Centered Space, and start allowing more Source Energy Light and LOVE in, so you can build loving and healthy relationships.

🌿Activate your intentions through the Portal of the Heart.


Ready to transform? 🦋


There will be healing, DNA activations & Soul Coaching!


Let´s upgrade our DNA and get back to the Unlimited, Vibrant Beings that we are!



Andréa Luizari

Note: After purchasing your attunement, you will receive a LINK to download your audio within your invoice email, which says "Thanks for shopping with us"!

Healing Relationship Wounds - Clearing & DNA Activation

55,55 €Price
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