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Healing Abandonment ⭐ Attunement & DNA Activations using Light Language


This attunement and DNA activations are for you if you´ve been physically or emotionally left alone; left behind or deserted, your heart has been mistreated, you lost someone you loved, you felt the pain of abandonment, you've abandoned your dreams, or you´ve abandoned yourself at some point in your life.


Even though abandonment or any other wound is invisible to the eyes, it leaves energetic imprints in how we relate to the external world, how we feel internally and how we behave in our relationships.



My wound of abandonment was deeply triggered when my father died all of the sudden during Christmas in 2017. After that, I started being afraid that my husband would also abandon me and leave me alone. It was only after releasing and healing trapped emotions and trauma energy from that event that I stopped having obsessive thoughts about my beloveds leaving me.


Whatever type of abandonment you´ve experienced, either as a child or during adulthood, including this challenging pandemic, all of these experiences might have led you to form false and limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, such as:

❌ I´m not loveable

❌ I´ve been abandoned

❌ Something must be wrong with me

❌ I have to do everything alone

❌ I can't trust love

❌ The world is not safe...


Signs of an Abandonment Wound:

  • Anxiety and fear of the other person leaving

  • Self-doubt, insecurity, and lack of self-worth

  • You stay in an abusive relationship because you are afraid of being alone

  • You are oversensitive to criticism or feedback

  • You overreact to conflict

  • You have the tendency to become attracted to emotionally unavailable partners

  • You don't allow love to come into your life

  • You have difficulty trusting others and the world.


But guess what?

YOU are the narrator of your own story and you can start NOW shifting your current reality, healing parts of you that need Love and Acceptance, building trust and facing your next love, possibility, friendship or situation with more wisdom, confidence and knowledge.


In this powerful attunement including Soul Coaching and Light Language, you will: 

  • Learn steps on how to heal the wound of abandonment and start allowing LOVE in, so you can start creating a life you will truly love.
  • Activate your intentions and release layers of dense and trapped energy contributing to the wound of abandonment by listening to Light Language, the language of the Soul.

Ready to transform? 


Note: After purchasing your attunement, you will receive a LINK to download your audio within your invoice email, which says "Thanks for shopping with us"!


Healing Abandonment ⭐ Attunement & DNA Activation

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