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Divine Alignment with your Partner - Clearing, DNA Activation & Conflict Resolution 


You love each other. You´ve done counselling, therapy sessions, but nothing has helped improve the relationship with the person you love and know you wish to spend your life with.


You can´t understand why he/she behaves the way he/she does, and you get mad when things don´t turn out the way you wish. You resent him/her for the things you expected he/she to do and haven´t been done.


I´ve been there and after almost 12 years together (and married) with my Twin-Flame with tons of ups and downs in our relationship, I finally understood his essence, his values and aligned our energy as a couple.


The energy healing tools I use and channel have helped improve not only the relationship with my husband, but also with my whole family (I live with his parents!). We now live in peace, harmony, we see LOVE in each other, we support each other, and I can help you achieve the same.


You and your partner will receive deep Akashic Records Clearing to help you both align to the frequencies of Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance and Peace.


Your chakras will receive the highest 11th dimensional frequencies of Peace and Purity from Lyra and its Unicorns.


These frequencies will help you connect to your Divine natural state, or Divine Alignment, who lives in Joy, Freedom, Love, Compassion and knows how to set healthy boundaries.


BONUS: A Light Language transmission will be channeled for you and your partner to help bring harmony, acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love. You will learn how to activate the transmission on a daily basis for you and your partner. Watch miracles happen!


Session will be done remotely only without your presence. You will receive a report and the audio after the session is performed.


Ready to bring your current relationship to a state of Divine Alignment, to Love, Respect, and Connection? You can make it too!


Let´s do this together!


Sending Love


Andréa Luizari


Session for Divine Alignment with your Partner

250,00 €Price
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