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Awaken to 5D Abundance - Transcending Survival Mode

Mentoring, Energy Healing & Activation Session


📌 This session happened on 26 June 2024 and is the first of 3 sessions that are part of the "Awaken to 5D Abundance: Elevate Your Spirit and Transform Your Life" project. If you would like to purchase the 3-session pack with a 20% discount, and have access to a live Q&A session, click here >


Even if you haven´t participated in this first session, you can still receive the audios and receive the healing and activations - Healing happens outside time and space!


Do you wish to break free from survival mode and open yourself to a new reality of abundance, spiritual growth and true purpose? 


Are you ready to transcend the limitations of the 3rd dimension, such as competition, comparison, punishment, sacrifice, scarcity, obsession with material success and status, and raise your consciousness to the 5th dimension, where you can experience more love, freedom, flow, connection, synchronicities and possibilities? 


This is the key to transforming your life and achieving a higher state of being.


Life in 3D may be limited and full of challenges, but you are destined for much more.


In this session, you will discover how to raise your consciousness, free yourself from third-dimensional patterns and open yourself to a new reality of infinite possibilities. 


Are you ready to take the next step and live in the fifth dimensional frequency, where abundance and spiritual expansion are part of your natural state? Don't miss this opportunity for transformation. 


Who is this product for?

  • You feel like you are trapped in the limitations of 3D, where work is associated with struggle, sacrifice, competition, limitation, punishment and scarcity.

  • You wish to transform your relationship with money and work, moving towards a mindset of abundance and flow.

  • You are ready to free yourself from patterns of fear, anxiety and insecurity that prevent you from living fully.

  • You wish to raise your consciousness to 5D, where abundance, love, flow and unity are natural.

  • You wish a career that is not just a means of survival, but an expression of your spiritual essence.

  • You desire a profound transformation that aligns your mind, body and spirit with the energy of universal abundance.


🌀Benefits 🌀


  • Identifying 3D Blockages and Understanding the Ego: Discover the barriers that keep you anchored in the third dimension. Learn how survival mode and the ego create resistance to change and hinder your spiritual growth, crucial for your transition to the fifth dimension.

  • Deconstructing Limiting Beliefs: Overcome resistance rooted in ego and fear. Gain the confidence to trust the universe, shifting from a scarcity mindset to one of trust and flow.

  • Disconnecting from 3D Money Systems: Break free from the control mechanisms still prevalent on our planet, which are based on competition, punishment, reward, limitation, material acquisition, scarcity, and fear.

  • Transforming Your Relationship with Work and Money: Transform your perspective on work and money. In 5D, work becomes an expression of your true purpose, and money flows naturally as a result of aligning with your essence.

  • Practical and Spiritual Tools: Gain access to practical and spiritual tools designed to help you live in harmony with abundance. These resources will assist you in maintaining a high vibration and manifesting your desires into reality.


What's included?

  • Specialized Mentoring: by two therapists with several years of experience in the process of self healing, abundance and raising consciousness.
  • Energetic Activation: to dissolve blockages, raise your vibration and align with the higher energies of abundance, love, unity and the state of flow.
  • Light Language Transmission: A healing tool aimed specifically at helping you align with the radical abundance of the fifth dimension.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join our supportive WhatsApp community for continuous assistance in your personal development and healing journey (available from June to September 2024 only).


📌 IMPORTANT: Upon completing your purchase, you will promptly receive a LINK to a downloadable PDF document containing comprehensive information about the product and the LINK to all audios in your "Thank you" email!


Sign up now and begin your journey of transformation towards the fifth dimension. 


With Love

Andréa Luizari & Marta Cunha


What people are saying about this Program


Hello everyone! 😊 I’d like to share my experience. I don’t usually feel strong sensations, and perhaps that’s why I don’t speak up much. Before this session, I had repeatedly listened to the mentoring and the scarcity healing session. Now, after the "Transcending Survival Mode" session, I have to say that I’ve been feeling much lighter, freer, and happier for quite some time! I’m also much more mindful of what I think and say. I refrain from speaking negatively about myself or complaining. I’m aware that I am co-creating my reality and try to view things as positively as I can. I feel at peace with life and believe I will go much further. 😀 Thank you, Andrea and Marta, for helping me so much in my healing process. Kisses 😘

-----  Raquel, Portugal


The first word that comes to mind to describe my experience is: lightness. Throughout the sessions, I have felt an increasing sense of lightness, as if a heavy cloak that drained my energy and kept me in a loop of suffering and pain has been lifted from my shoulders. I felt hopeless before, but now healing is happening and continues to unfold. Along this journey of learning, self-discovery, and changing preconceived notions, the improvements have been evident, starting with a new perspective and embracing a beginner's mindset.

------  Anonymous testimonial

Awaken to 5D Abundance - Transcending Survival Mode

55,55 €Price
  • Awaken to 5D Abundance: Transcending Survival Mode
    Mentoring and Energy Healing Clearing & Activation


    This session is the first of 3 sessions that are part of the program "Awaken to 5D Abundance: Elevate Your Spirit and Transform Your Life". If you would like to purchase the 3-session pack with a 20% discount, and have access to a live Q&A session, click here >

    What is included in this session?

    • Specialized Mentoring

    • Light Language Transmission

    • Exclusive WhatsApp Community Access (available only from June to September 2024)

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