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The Hara Line holds all of our Higher Self´s intentions for us.

It lies in a dimension deeper than the human aura and it is a foundation for the aura, which is a foundation for the physical body.

When our Hara Line is in alignment, we are connected to Source, grounded, and balanced, and we experience effortless intention, there is no resistance to the flow of creative life through us.


In this beautiful Attunement combined with Light Language, you will learn about the Hara Line, and how to align it to connect with your Soul Purpose and generate Abundance, Joy, and Prosperity in your Life.


You have everything within you to create a Life you will truly love!


Sending you Love,

Andréa Luizari


Client Love: 

"Andrea, with her beautiful energy and care, has been such a gift in my life! I learn with her in every talk we have, I learn how to be more balanced, how to understand and accept me as an empath. Her work changed the environment in my home, bringing more tenderness in my relationships and energy. She is an example to me on how to reach dreams and find joy in life. Thank you, minha querida!!"

Ana Paula, Germany.

Aligning the Hara Line⭐ Attunement & DNA Activation

55,55 € Regular Price
33,33 €Sale Price
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