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This Powerful Clearing and DNA Activation using Light Language and Sacred Geometry will help you release trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, offensive energies that might be preventing you from feeling and choosing what is right for you.


This activation will help you align to the frequency of "Change", break layers of resistance and make peace with your protective layers that create scarcity, limitation, isolation, invisibility, codependency, disconnection, etc.


It is totally ok to feel scared, anxious, overwhelmed, when we think about changing, getting out of our comfort zone. I´ve been there.


But everything you have in your reality right now is just a manifestation of the choices you’ve made up to this point. How much better would your reality be if you were consciously choosing it every single day?


This Light Language Clearing & Activation will help you:

✨ Let go of the idea that change needs time, requires effort, it is hard, or it is not possible.

✨ Release the need for control and start trusting that you will be guided and supported by Source and the Universe during your journey.


The beauty of Light Language is that it bypasses the ego, the mind, and it will release trapped emotions, fear programs, limiting beliefs running in your conscious and subconscious mind!


It is possible to BE YOU, live in abundance, prosperity doing what you love!


📌 It is possible to leave and heal from an abusive relationship and start all over again.

📌 It is possible to find true and soulful Love after experiencing abuse.

📌 It is possible to create your dream, soul-led business or practice after quitting a 6 or 7-figure job in the corporate world.

📌 It is possible to trust your own choices, feel guided and supported by the Universe and Source.

📌 It is possible to be visible, successful, and not feel guilty or ashamed for it.

📌 It is possible to reconnect with your current partner and build a beautiful and harmonious relationship.


I am the living example that all of the above choices are possible, as I experienced them myself. I decided to change and make different choices, which reflected into my current reality.


What is included in this Light Language Activation?


  • Audio containing 1 Light Language Transmission
  • Audio containing my channeled Soul Coaching about the process of Changing
  • Audio containing a short meditation with affirmations to enhance the transmission (pdf included)
  •  BONUS: a LIVE Q&A and special DNA Clearing and Activation took place on 27 APRIL and is available to you. I answered several questions from the participants and performed a very powerful DNA Activation and clearing of trapped energies and offensive energies, such as entities, generational curses and energetic cords.


📌 NOTE: After purchasing this product, you will receive a LINK to download a PDF document, which includes guidance and a link to the audios.


How clients felt after listening to my Light Language


“Listening to your Light Language is like coming back home". Sheyla


"The remote energy transmission was something I have never experienced. I have found a peacefulness that has not been mine to enjoy for over 25 years." Judie


"It was so beautiful. My son and I listened together and I feel full of peace." Dr. Cathleen King


"I don´t know what you say, but when you start speaking in this language that looks like from another planet, I felt as if a ray had entered my body electrifying every single cell; they all vibrated. And it touched my heart." Cristina


Ready to transform? 🦋


There will be healing, DNA activations & Soul Coaching!


Let´s upgrade our DNA and get back to the Unlimited, Vibrant Beings that we are!



Andréa Luizari

Allowing Change - Clearing and DNA Activation

55,55 €Price
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