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⭐ Activation of your Planetary Soul Mission and Abundance Codes ⭐


In this powerful DNA Activation using Light Language and Sacred Geometry, I will be helping you activate your Planetary Soul Mission, align to the frequency of Service, and activate your individual Abundance Codes.


Every single human is encoded with an individual planetary soul mission, which when activated, allows you to show up fully with your talents, gifts, greatness. Activating these Light Codes and embodying fully who you are and why you are here will allow Abundance and Prosperity to naturally flow to you. 


I activated one of my gifts, Light Language, just by listening to a DNA activation. I use Light Language now in all of my sessions to help clients release and transmute the energies of trauma, fear, self-sabotage, so they can manifest what they truly wish. And that´s why I am here offering this powerful activation and attunement to you!


You have everything within you to create a Magical, Prosperous and Abundant Life!


This DNA activation is for you, if you:

🌿 Feel stuck, lost, and can´t have a clear vision of the path your soul has chosen.

🌿 Have fear of judgment or disapproval in following your own path.

🌿 Insecurities and hesitation to put yourself out there and share your message with the world.

🌿 Have fear of scarcity, poverty and have more money coming out than in.

🌿 Believe that you must compromise yourself in order to have financial stability and generate abundance.

🌿 Desire to upgrade your Planetary Soul mission and step into a higher level of your Soul Work.


In this powerful DNA Activation and Attunement including Soul Coaching and Light Language, you will:

  • Release layers of dense and trapped energy blocking you from following your Soul path by listening to Light Language, the language of the Soul.

  • Activate your intentions.

  • Learn how to find and embody your Soul Mission, align to the frequency of Service so you can start creating a life you will truly love.

Ready to transform?


Note: After purchasing your attunement, you will receive a LINK to download your audio within your invoice email, which says "Thanks for shopping with us"!



Activating your Planetary Soul Mission & Abundance Codes ⭐ DNA Activation

55,55 €Price
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