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This Powerful Clearing and DNA Activation using Light Language and Sacred Geometry will help you activate unconditional Self-Love.


This activation is for you, if:

🌿 You say yes when you actually wish to say no. You can´t express your anger and feel resented.

​🌿 You have difficulty identifying your feelings and communicating your needs in a relationship.

🌿 You value the approval of others more than valuing yourself. 

​🌿 You lack trust in yourself and have poor self-esteem. 

​🌿 You fear being abandoned or have an obsessive need for approval.

​🌿 You have an unhealthy dependence on relationships, even at your own cost. 

🌿 You have an exaggerated sense of responsibility for the actions of others.


To Love yourself unconditionally is possible!
To do things that bring you Joy, take time and care for yourself, be with those that love you for who you are is possible!


This pre-recorded Group Energy Healing Clearing & DNA Activation includes


✔️ LIVE Group Energy Healing and Q&A session which took place on 25 May. We released trapped emotions, such as Heart-Wall emotions, limiting beliefs, fear programs, ancestral energies, offensive energies, such as entities, curses, energetic cords. I answered several questions from the participants around manifestation, Light Language and others!


Energy Healing happens outside time and space, and if you set the intention to release trapped energies just by listening to this LIVE, you will!


✔️ Audio including my channeled Soul Coaching on "Activating unconditional Self-Love" for you to listen right after registration!


✔️ Audio including 1 Light Language Transmission to help you align your frequency to unconditional self-love! You can start today listening to it! 

✔️ Audio including meditation with short affirmations to enhance the Light Language transmission (pdf included).


Ready to transform? 🦋


There will be healing, DNA activations & Soul Coaching!


Let´s upgrade our DNA and get back to the Unlimited, Vibrant Beings that we are!



Andréa Luizari

Note: After purchasing your activation, you will receive a LINK to download a PDF File within your invoice email, which says "Thanks for shopping with us"!

IMPORTANT: in this PDF you will find the link to all audios on SoundCloud. Enjoy them!

Activating Unconditional Self-Love

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