Helping you Align your Energy, Collapse Time and Quantum Manifest what you most wish in your Life!

Manifestation Strategies & Energetic Alignment based in Science and Truth.

In my 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching sessions, I will be helping you find out where you are not energetically aligned in your life. Where are you experiencing emotions and vibrations that are not aligned to the quantum version of you?

You will learn manifestation strategies based in science and truth aligned with deep Energy Healing sessions. 

Believe me, it is possible to collapse time and manifest anything that is aligned to our true values, to our Soul´s Purpose. I manifested everything I always wished for in my life and I live now in Balance, Abundance, and Harmony with my husband doing what I love!

I offer packages with 4 and 8 sessions of 60 minutes each, which will teach you:

  • How manifestation works and how to set your intentions and place an order to the Universe.

  • To become an Energetic Match to what you desire, access the Quantum field and collapse time to manifest your most beautiful dreams NOW.

You will get:

  • Weekly email & Voxer support.

  • Deep Energy Healing using the Body Code of Dr. Bradley Nelson and Healing Streams of Grace.

  • Complete release of all offensive energies (your Light Score will raise to 100%).

  • Daily energy frequencies generated and broadcasted by the most advanced technology in Energy Medicine - the AO Scan. You can choose frequencies that go from Abundance, Wealth & Success to Concentration, Determination, Focus and Clarity, and many others.

You are only a few steps away from unlocking your truth, activating your full potential and returning to your infinite state as a powerful creator to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and experience real freedom, now.


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Andréa Luizari

1:1 Quantum Coaching with Andréa

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