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Welcome to Emotional Energy Healing

Emotional Energy Healing is a way of releasing your Emotional Baggage for greater physical and emotional Health, Abundance, Love and Happiness. When trapped emotions and other energies or imbalances are contributing to physical illness, emotional difficulties or self-sabotage, removing them can only help.

The Emotion Code™ and the Body Code® are gentle, safe and natural Energy Healing methods that help you get rid of negative energies trapped in your body. Once these energies are released, the body is able to self-heal.

My healing journey started a long time ago, but it was only after learning about and using the Emotion Code™ and the Body Code® that I was able to release my past and all traumas that once happened in my life. And you can make it too, because healing is really inside of us.

You are here for a purpose. Never forget that. Let me help you find your own Light.

Because you were born to shine!



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