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Healing from an abusive Relationship

When we experience an abusive relationship in our lives, we may hide it from family, from friends, from people that we love and even from ourselves. And this is what happened to me in the past. I hid a dark time in my life from everybody, and I suffered most of the time in silence. After gattering enough strength to leave that relationship, I just ignored everything that happened in that time and told myself, everything was going to change, I was going to be alright. So I moved on, but brought with me several trapped energies and emotions that led me to several conditions, such as gluten intolerance and severe migraines. I didn´t know those energies were in my body, vibrating in different organs and glands and imbalancing my whole body, mind and spirit.

It was only after knowing Dr. Bradley Nelson´s work, first the Emotion Code™ and later the Body Code®, that I started to reveal several layers of emotions that were trapped and were harming me not only physically, but emotionally. And it was only after releasing these energies that my body and spirit started to heal.

What I would like to say here is that it is ok to share your pain with somebody else. And it is also ok to look for help, because there is help out there and you don´t need to suffer anymore. It is possible to live a happy life with a person you love and that loves you. It is possible to live your dream life right now. You just have to start. It may be painful to look into our wounds, but we can see them as learning lessons of forgiveness, compassion and move on.

And this is what I did. I learned. I forgave. I released. And here I am building my dream life and living the love that I once thought didn´t exist.

All my love to you


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