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How I Manifested a Piece of Mallorca in Portugal - Manifestation Principles

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Manifestation is an art, part of our Ascension path. It is the ability to focus on and embody higher frequencies at cellular level, and bring what we wish into reality. I feel it. I am. It is a process that is also unique to each of you, and can be learned and expanded. If you haven´t manifested yet what you wish, there is no shame, no guilt, no frustration. Why? Because everything happens at Divine Timing, and where you find yourself now is exactly where you should be. You are neither inferior nor superior to others.

We are all the same: Divine Beings of Light having different types of experiences on this planet.

While we believe that we have to manifest exactly what we visualize with our minds, the Soul is actually not looking after the "form" of our wishes. The Soul is looking to experience the emotion, the excitement, the freedom, the joy, the empowerment behind what we most wish to create.

I remember that during the pandemic, what I most wished was to work from Mallorca, a beautiful Spanish island I lived on for 2 years. But it was almost impossible to get there at that time.

So I started to focus on the emotions, thoughts about being there, living there for a few months. I could see myself enjoying the olive and almond trees, the stone made houses, the quietness, the beauty of nature everywhere.

And Magic happened. The Universe delivered my wish.

My husband was asked to work on a project based in the north of Portugal for a couple of months. I knew nothing about the place, or where we would live. You can't imagine how I felt when I saw the place and the home we were going to live during his project:

  • An idyllic very small village, surrounded by olive and almond trees! The house was the coziest stone made house with mediterranean decoration! We didn't have the ocean, as in Mallorca, but we had a river that we could see from above and enjoy the sunset.

So, my loves, even though I didn't get to come to Mallorca and work from there that year, I still received the blessing to experience the beauty and the same emotions I experienced on the island, and didn't have to pay a cent for it!

Manifestation is the art of moving and transforming Energy according to your intention, to your dreams. Anything is possible. All you have to do is to trust and embody the emotions, the frequencies you would feel as if they have already manifested in your life.

It is possible, and we are going there again this month of April in 2022. I wished to return one more time, and the Universe delivered it again! You can take a look at the pictures below.

I am deeply grateful for everything I have received from the Universe, from Source.

Manifestation is possible. Manifestation is your birthright. You deserve to be happy.

Here are some principles of ascension and manifestation that can help you elevate your consciousness and create the life you want:

  1. Focus on the present moment: One of the keys to ascension is to be present in the moment. When we are fully present, we can tune into our inner guidance and intuition, and make choices that are aligned with our higher self. By focusing on the present moment, we can also shift our thoughts and emotions to a more positive state, which can help us attract more positivity into our lives.

  2. Align your thoughts and beliefs with your emotions and desires: To manifest your desires, you need to align your thoughts and beliefs and emotions with what you want to create. This means letting go of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, and replacing them with positive feelings, affirmations and visualizations. Focus on what you want to create, and believe that it is already yours.

  3. Practice gratitude: Gratitude is a powerful tool for manifestation and ascension. When we are grateful for what we have, we attract more abundance into our lives. Gratitude also helps us stay in a positive state of mind, which can help us manifest our desires more quickly.

  4. Trust the universe: Trust is an essential element of both ascension and manifestation. Trust that the universe is conspiring in your favor, and that everything is happening for your highest good. When you trust the universe, you can let go of fear and doubt, and allow your desires to manifest naturally.

  5. Take inspired action: Manifestation is not just about visualizing your desires; it also involves taking inspired action. When you take action that is aligned with your desires, you are sending a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive what you want. Trust your intuition and take action that feels right for you.

If you need any help clearing trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, choosing and embodying higher frequencies, check my Light Language transmissions and activations.

Sending Light Codes infused with Love and Light to each one of you who is reading this post now!

Andréa Luizari


Andréa Luizari Ferreira is a former Veterinarian and has over 10 years of experience in human clinical trials and pharmacovigilance in several therapeutic areas, including Oncology and Dermatology. Andréa holds a Masters Degree in Pharmacovigilance from the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, UK (Herts).

After experiencing traumatic events in her life, including abuse in a relationship and a burn-out, her Soul guided her to Energy Healing. She became a certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner by Dr. Bradley Nelson in 2019.

Andréa naturally activated Light Language, works with Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Arcturians, Sirians, and the Andromedans to help you transmute and clear imbalances from all dimensions of your Energetic Body.

Andréa lives happily with her husband in the beautiful countryside of Portugal and supports people from all over the world go through their Ascension and Healing journey with Love and Grace.

She can help you Align your Energy to your true Divine Nature, become a Vibrational Match to what you deeply desire, and Consciously Manifest!

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