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How do you wish
your Life to be?

Filled with Joy, Confidence, Connection, Freedom, Clarity? Financially Abundant and Prosperous?

Group Healing Sessions & Activations

I help sensitive Souls release the energy of trauma, fear, self-sabotage & become Divine Abundant Manifestors


I can help you Align to your True and Infinite Abundant Self!


Feeling Stuck?

In order to manifest experiences that bring us Joy, Freedom, Love, Happiness, Inner Peace, we must first make peace with our past, accept the lessons our Soul has planned for us, and learn with them. After this process, we can start focusing on how we wish to feel and what we wish to create, embodying frequencies such as joy, freedom, trust, connection, inner peace at cellular level. We must align to our Higher Self.

This process is called Ascension.

I transformed my pain from an abusive relationship, aligned my Energy to my true Divine Essence and now live in Balance, Abundance, and Harmony with my husband doing what I love!

Why Light Language?

What if you could shift the way you feel now without going into the story of your emotional or physical pain?

Light Language can do that.

Light Language is made of Sound, Light, Sacred Geometry and Cosmic information. It is the language of the Divine, of Love, and speaks directly to your Soul, to your DNA. It bypasses the ego, the mind, and it will shift frequencies and heal emotional wounds.

Every time you listen to a transmission, Light Language will release imbalances that are unique to you, so you can align with your Divine Soul Blueprint!

StarStellar Light Language.png

How does it work?

During my Group Healing Sessions and Activations, which include intuitive Energy Healing, the Emotion Code of Dr. Bradley Nelson, I will be using Light Language to release trapped emotions, fear programs, limiting beliefs, curses, energetic cords, entities, and other imbalances to help you raise your Vibration and open the door to receive the Abundance, Love, Freedom, Joy you deserve!

I channel healing frequencies from Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Arcturians, Sirians, and the Andromedans to help you transmute and clear imbalances from all dimensions of your Energetic Body.

You don´t need to be physically present in the group healing session, as energy healing takes place outside time and space.

After each session, you will receive:

✔️ 1 Audio including a Light Language Transmission to help you align to the frequency of the month.

✔️ 1 Audio including the whole session

✔️ BONUS: the activation of at least 2 extra Light Language transmissions in the field of the group to help bring inner peace, harmony, abundance, or any other healing frequency.

When you raise your Vibration, you begin to choose your life experiences rather than just allow outside circumstances to dictate your vibrational state.

How can Light Language help you?

✔️ Raise your frequency, help you have more access to peace, joy, hope, empowerment, calm, by helping you release emotional, mental and physical distortions or imbalances, such as conscious or unconscious trauma, that are lowering your vibration. When you heal your protective parts that try to keep you safe, you no longer need to create scarcity, isolation, codependency, invisibility, etc.

✔️ Activate your multidimensional DNA, increasing your intuition, activating your talents and gifts.

✔️ Receive and integrate Ascension energies, such as photonic light with more ease and grace.

✔️ Live a life more authentic, empowered, balanced, free!

✔️ Expand your consciousness and bring you closer to your Higher Self, which is only Love, Light and Wisdom.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla

    Investment: 55,55 Euros (including taxes)
For US residents and other countries, please check current currency exchange rate here: Euros to USD


DNA Clearing & Activations using Light Language that you can listen to anytime to raise your vibration
✨Soul and Spiritual Coaching with me during our LIVE calls or via Audio (sessions only by  myself)
✨ Guided meditation to help you ground and expand your Energy


What People say about my Healing Work


"Andrea´s session to release money blocks and activate financial abundance was amazing! I felt like a weight leaving my body on the day of the session and the results started to manifest on the same day! I was already receiving contacts from new clients, but after this day, I told Andrea that "it´s "raining" clients!! I filled my agenda for August quickly, what is unusual for this month! As a therapist, I was even more impressed with everything Andrea cleared from the group. It was amazing! I am so grateful for your beautiful work, Andréa!"


"The remote energy transmission was something I have never experienced. I have found a peacefulness that has not been mine to enjoy for over 25 years."


"Since I started working with you, so many magical things are happening and I’m awaking to spiritual gifts and meeting spirit animals and guides! Unbelievable!!! I’m feeling blessed!"


"It was so beautiful. My son and I listened together and I feel full of peace."


"I feel lighter now, free of past burdens that were getting in the way of me living my life fully. I’m forever grateful for Andrea and highly, highly recommend her. She is a gift to this world!"


"I don´t know what you say, but when you start speaking in this language that looks like from another planet, I felt as if a ray had entered my body electrifying every single cell; they all vibrated. And it touched my heart."

Processing Symptoms

Please note that after listening to a Light Language transmission, a healing process starts and symptoms may appear, such as crying, emotional up and downs, sleeplessness, a need for extra sleep, vivid dreams, nausea, or headaches. These symptoms usually go away in one or two days. Please drink plenty of water before and after listening to a transmission, so energy can move through your body with ease. Ground your energy, go to nature, rest your body if needed.


Light Language or any other type of Energy Healing, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care. Information provided here should not be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. Any questions or concerns about your health should be directed to your health care professional.


About Andréa Luizari

Andréa Luizari is an intuitive Energy Medicine Practitioner, Channel for Light Language and Spiritual Coach.

Andréa Luizari Ferreira is a former Veterinarian and has over 10 years of experience in human clinical trials and pharmacovigilance in several therapeutic areas, including Oncology and Dermatology. Andréa holds a Masters Degree in Pharmacovigilance from the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, UK (Herts).

After experiencing traumatic events in her life, including abuse in a relationship and a burn-out, her Soul guided her to Energy Healing. She became a certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner by Dr. Bradley Nelson in 2019.


Andréa naturally activated Light Language, works with Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Arcturians, Sirians, and the Andromedans to help you transmute and clear imbalances from all dimensions of your Energetic Body.

Andréa lives happily with her husband in the beautiful countryside of Portugal and supports people from all over the world go through their Ascension and Healing journey with Love and Grace.


She can help you Align your Energy to your true Divine Nature, become a Vibrational Match to what you deeply desire, and Consciously Manifest!

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