Love Yourself

Enhancing Immune Function through Neuroplasticity & Energy Medicine

Bringing Dimensional Shift© Brain Rewiring and Emotion Code™/ Body Code® together.

Dr. Cathleen King and I combined techniques from principles of neuroplasticity/brain rewiring and Emotion Code™/Body Code® Energy healing to allow for subconscious reprogramming for Optimal Immune Function. You will experience energetic healing by releasing trapped emotions to allow for healthy body immune function.

Cost for entire 4 class series (1 class for free!) $133

Group Healing - minimum of 3 people

Up to 45 Min - 50€ (Euros) each person per session

Due to the high demand of energy healing services and also in order to make my services affordable to everybody, I am offering now group healing sessions with a minimum of 3 people. With everybody´s consent, I am able to release common imbalances from a group of friends, co-workers or family members focusing in one goal, for example: to bring harmony among family members.

Sessions are done via Voice or Video Call

(Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts) or can be done without your presence.