Enhancing Immune Function

Enhancing Immune Function through Neuroplasticity

& Energy Medicine

Group Sessions/Classes​


Created by Dr. Cathleen King, DPT and Andréa Luizari

Bringing Dimensional Shift© Brain Rewiring and 

Emotion Code™/ Body Code® together 


Performed from May 7 to May 28, 2020


  • Classes were co-led by both Cathleen King, DPT and Andréa Luizari. 

  • Classes length were approximately 75min and were recorded for later viewing.  You do not have to attend live for an energetic healing aspect to be effective.

  • Cost for entire 4 class series (1 class for free!) $133

Class Series Overview 

We combined techniques from principles of neuroplasticity/brain rewiring and Emotion Code™/Body Code® Energy healing to allow for subconscious reprogramming for Optimal Immune Function and experience energetic healing by releasing trapped emotions to allow for healthy body immune function.  Each class had an instructional portion by both Cathleen and Andrea as well as guided brain rewiring, subconscious quantum energy attunement, and emotional energy healing experience.



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Who knew that enhancing my immune system could be so quick, easy and also very impactful all at the same time? I accomplished this by participating in an online virtual workshop led by Dr. Cathleen King and Andréa Luizari.  Both of these women are accomplished in their own right but when they combine their talents, they form a dynamic duo! They have unlocked a winning combination for healing.  This unique method blends neuroscience with energy medicine practices. I experienced many benefits from being in this group. Releasing emotions with Andrea was very powerful, especially after experiencing Cat’s attunements.  Cathleen helped to prepare the brain to release emotions, thus increasing our immunity and balancing our emotions. Just listening to Andrea’s soothing, calming voice, relaxes me even before she releases emotions! These experienced women have a rare gift.  I felt a wonderful transformation after each session. I have no doubt that whatever program these two put together, will yield incredible results!


The Imnune Function and Energy Healing workshop was an intense experience. The Emotion/Body Code combination with the neuroplastic rewiring leveraged the overall outcome, in a way that just surprised me. I already knew the amazing results of working with Andréa and the Emotion Code, being able to experience it with the attunement so beautifully guided by Cat took it further to a deep level of my being, a true self alignment and connection with the universe.
The group sessions enable me to better understand that we all share the same emotions (without saying a word), that we are one and the same, that emotions can be transmuted much faster just because we all have the same intention and will to let it go. At the end of the each session i felt much lighter and peaceful knowing that my body was also attuned and stronger.
I recommend these workshops to those that wish to find self healing with the love and light of Andréa and Cat.


The combination of brain retraining and emotion code release with Cathleen and Andrea was a phenomenal experience. 

I could feel my limbic system relax during Cathleen's Attunement  and was then able to release emotions  during Andrea's work that normally feel too triggering to be with.

After the immune  healing class sessions I felt an energetic expansiveness and noticed old fear based beliefs didn't seem true for me anymore

I'll definitely be joining future classes.

Group Session | Class #1

May 7, 2020

11am PST

via Zoom

In this class #1 we will

  • Learn the algorithm of brain rewiring to help calm down the limbic response and harmonize our autonomic nervous system function using the Dimensional Shift© techniques.

  • Understand the principles behind healthy immune function and also learn what inhibits immune function. 

  • Gain awareness about being an energetic match to pathogens/illness.

  • Learn about Emotion Code™/Body Code® energy healing principles and how trapped emotions could be affecting your emotional and physical health.

  • Address fears around catching or transmitting infections such as the Covid 19 Virus.

  • Experience Dr. Cathleen´s Dimensional Shift© quantum healing brain rewiring practice and subconscious attunement to improve autonomic nervous system regulation and immune function.  Also to prepare subconscious to release and resolve emotional patterns that have been blocking healing and restricting the experience of love and joy.

  • Experience Emotion Code™/ Body code® healing to release energies associated with the fear of catching or spreading a viral infection.

  • Experience Emotion Code™/Body code® healing to release vibration attraction points to viral energy and infection.

Group Session | Class #2

May 14, 2020

11am PST

via Zoom

●    Nervous system regulation and subconscious reprogramming techniques focused on improved detoxification to allow for optimal immune function.  Also gain understanding at how the root of most chronic illness and limbic disorder related symptoms is a detoxification issue.  
●    Understanding how unresolved emotional conflicts affect our ability to “let go of the past” is an energetic program affecting how our detoxification system can “let go of the past” by releasing toxins, pathogens.
●    Experience Emotion Code™/Body Code® healing to release energies associated with the pressure to protect our families and loved ones during this pandemic.
●    Experience Emotion Code™/Body code® healing to release vibration attraction points to viral energy and infection.

Group Session | Class #3

May 21, 2020

11am PST

via Zoom

  • Understanding principles about pathogens and chronic Illness being an energetic match to our emotional and energetic resonance. 

  • Discussion on how practices such as brain rewiring and energetic emotional healing to upgrade subconscious programming to bring our electromagnetic signature to higher consciousness vibrational patterns. 

  • Uproot pathogenic and allergy patterns by awakening our True Self vibrational frequency. Creating energetic  boundaries in our body by discerning of Self vs “other.”

  • Experience Emotion Code™/Body Code® healing to release energies associated with job insecurity, global economic impact and feeling of lack.

  • Experience Emotion Code™/Body code® healing to release vibration attraction points to viral energy and infection.

Group Session | Class #4

May 28, 2020

11am PST

via Zoom

●    Collective Fear, Collective Subconscious Programming and creating Collective Immunity.
●    How as we heal, the collective heals.
●    Unity Consciousness Principles.
●    Experience Emotion Code™/Body Code® healing to release energies associated with loneliness, separation, isolation.
●    Experience Emotion Code™/Body code® healing to release vibration attraction points to viral energy and infection.