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The Body Code™

The Body code® Definitions

Definitions by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Broadcast Message

An energy that is continually sent out from the body to other people who receive it subconsciously. These can influence your ability to form and keep relationships, as well as attract negativity and the wrong people.


Means “wheel” or “disk.” They are centers of energy that emanate from the spine. These can be imbalanced by tapped emotions and other energies.


Cords are inherently negative, direct connections between two people. Cords can cause people to become irritated with each other, to create codependency in the relationship, and/or to be overwhelmingly vulnerable to the negative of one another. A cord is a lower vibrational type of connection, and even cords that are created with good intentions (this is almost always subconscious) can become harmful. Cords can be attach anywhere on the body, but common locations are: the gut/navel, the heart, the brain, the neck or back of the neck, the genitals.


A strong negative energy that usually comes from another person (or occasionally an entity), intended to block, sabotage or interfere with the recipient´s life or actions in some way. Most curses are created by the subconscious mind and are simply the expression of negative feelings toward the recipient. Curses can also be deliberate, consciously created with an intention to achieve a certain (often nefarious) purpose.

Despair Anchor

A negative statement that is perceived as a truth by the subconscious mind, which will seek to verify or fulfill that “truth.” Usually created from severe or repetitive negative thinking.

Emotional Compound (formerly Psychic Trauma)

A type of trapped energy that is similar to a common trapped emotions, but instead of one pure emotional frequency, there are two, or occasionally three (1% of the time) that are blended together. An emotional compound forms when two emotions are experienced during the same moment in time, and become trapped together as one ball of energy.

Emotional Reverberation (formerly Resonance)

One form of current (being experienced at the moment) or unprocessed (old) emotional energy that can imbalance the body. It can be compared to an emotional ringing in the body, much like the ringing that continues long after hitting a bell with a hammer.


Is a type of spirit/energy being that can affect the physical body, the energy body or the energy field/aura, potentially causing various problems. There is likely a large range of entities, from the mildly irritating to more intensely negative and more capable of causing greater interference with health and balance. There is no reason to fear entities any more than any other imbalance.

Idea Allergy

Is generally created when the subconscious mind makes a faulty or negative connection with a particular idea (any thought, emotion, concept, event, action, person, place or thing). This usually happens during either prolonged or sudden emotional and/or physical stress. This idea then is considered to be a problem by the subconscious, and a negative response or reaction of some kind will occur when this idea is encountered or could be encoutered in the future. Symptoms may range from subtle to extreme: self-sabotage, emotional reactivity, avoidance, phobias, and even stress-related physical symptoms. The subconscious mind may generate any kind of symptom in an attempt to avoid proximity to this idea. It is common to have a physical allergy to any kind of substance associated with the idea allergy (e.g. if you have an idea allergy to your marriage, you may develop a physical allergy to your partner´s perfume).


The trapped energy of a “picture in the mind.” The subconscious will attempt to fulfill this image, and will direct (or misdirect) behavior to make sure this image “comes true.” These often interfere with goals and relationships, depending on what the image is of.


Is made of one or more trapped emotions that the subconscious mind uses to surround the heart as a protective barrier against emotional pain. The Heart-Wall is usually created in response to emotional distress. The subconscious mind then uses pre-existing trapped emotions to form the wall. Therefore, the Heart-Wall may be made up of any emotion, new or old. A Heart-Wall may cause you to feel disconnected from others, lonely, sad, anxious, and unmotivated. Physical symptoms such as neck and shoulder discomfort may be present.

Magnetic Field Distortion

A distortion in the body’s magnetic field, resulting from an associated imbalance (e.g. a trapped emotion). Symptoms may include: mild to acute discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, inflammation, chronic issues.

Magnetic Field Deficiency

A deficiency in the body´s magnetic field, often caused by a lack of connection with the Earth´s magnetic field. This can also develop due to associated imbalances. Symptoms may include: mild to acute discomfort, fatigue, dizziness, inflammation, chronic issues.

Memory Field Imbalance

The energy of memories stored in the energy field (often in front of a person). This is present when memories are traumatic or often recalled. It makes it difficult to move ahead in life.


Is a reverberation of a sickness, just like a sickness memory, however it is inherited from an ancestor. A miasm starts out just like a sickness memory - a vibrational frequency that develops in a person when they have a sickness that isn´t able to be processed completely. Then that sickness memory energy is later inherited by a child that the person conceives. It is possible that a miasm could cause a chain of the same sickness to develop in all generations who inherited it. However, it is not important to identify the exact sickness that created this initially.

Microbial Poison

Some pathogens create toxins as a byproduct of their own metabolism and existence in the body. For example, parasites produce uric acid which often causes joint and muscle discomfort. Also, when pathogens die they release additional toxins that create die off symptoms and sickness. Sources could include: mold, fungal, parasites, bacterial. Toxins may be from any time or point in your life. Toxins can exist in physical form, as well as in an invisible, energetic form. Energetic toxins are vibrational frequencies that were simply unable to be processed, likely because the energy body was imbalanced.

No Will To...

It is normal to have the will to do and feel things that are healthy. It is possible to develop and trap a unique frequency of energy when one loses the will to do something, even if this is experienced temporarily. The energies in the "no will to" category often come from long periods of sadness or hopelessness, or from being too overwhelmed with life, with physical discomfort. These energies are problematic because they may prevent you from finding your willpower about a specifif concept. What one lost the will to do in a past moment determines what kind of energy was developed. These energies may also influence thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships, as well as potentially preventing balance and healing in the physical body.

Physical Allergy

Is generally created when the subconscious mind makes a faulty connection with a particular substance during either a prolonged or sudden emotional/and or physical stress. This substance then is considered to be an allergen by the subconscious mind and the body, and a negative response or reaction will occur when this allergen is encountered in the future. The subconscious mind may create a physical allergy as a protective measure, in order to defend you from the stress that it has connected with the allergen. For this reason, you can become allergic to anything at all. Symptoms may include physical reactions of all kinds as well as immune reactions such as inflammation, respiratory problems, congestion, sinus irritation, itchy eyes, and other forms of hypersensitivity. Physical allergies nearly always have associated imbalances such as trapped emotions that must be cleared in order to reset the subconscious response to the allergen. It is common to have both a physical allergy and an idea allergy to the same allergen.

Physical-Emotional Shock

Vibrational frequency that may become stuck in the body during an emotionally shocking event that is severe enough to exert a shock or extreme stress on the physical body.

Physical Disconnection

A breakdown of communication and connection between 2 parts of the physical body (usually in the same immediate area, i.e. 2 different muscles of the left knee).

Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

The energy of a negative statement in the subconscious mind. Can result in depression, suicidal tendencies and “inversion.”

Recovery Interference Energy

Type of energy that develops when the body´s recovery process is interrupted (from minor to severe injury or illness), and the body is unable to return to a balanced state. Having a recovery interference energy could potentially interfere with normal body processes, and could create frustrating symptoms including: chronic or recurring inflammation, scar tissue, muscle spams.


Strong negative energy that usually comes from another person, intended to wound and/or sabotage the recipient. They are compared to invisible but damaging weapons, wounds or mechanisms of control. Most saboteurs are created by the subconscious mind and are the expression of negative feelings toward the recipient. Some saboteurs can be self-inflicted, usually if there is ongoing or intense self-abuse. Saboteurs may cause physical discomfort, interfere with the recovery process, and even create physical discomfort.

Seeking Heart Energy

The heart is designed to feel love, joy and other positive emotions, and it is the core of a person´s being. If the heart is unable to experience these positive emotions, it can become desperate for something pleasureable. It is in situations like this that the vibration of seeking heart energy can be created. When the heart gets a hint of joy from some activity or substance, it creates this vibrational frequency and keeps reverberating, in order to get more of that pleasureable activity/substance. The magnetic quality of this energy is specifically designed to attract substitutes for joy and love. These substitutes often end up being inappropriate, extreme, harmful, and/or pleasurable things. Seeking heart energy has the potential to create addiction to many things, not limited to negative emotions, sugar, food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, chronic illnesses, work, exercise.

Shared Emotional Compound

Shared emotions are created when people experience an emotionally intense event together and develop the same vibrational frequency. Shared emotions can be any emotion, but most are innately more painful or extreme, such as fear, grief, or shame.

Sickness Memory

Is a reverberation of a sickness - a vibrational frequency that develops in a person when they have a sickness that isn´t able to be processed completely. It is a picture of the whole sickness and may have the potential to be very imbalancing to the energy field, creating problems both emotional and physical wherever the energy is trapped in the body. When a sickness memory is passed down to a child, it becomes known as a miasm.

Spirit Out Of Body

When the spirit body becomes dislodged so it is residing partially outside the physical body. Usually due to physical trauma such as a fall, car accident or intense emotional stress. Symptoms may include but are not limited to fatigue, discomfort, lowered immunity, persistent misalignment, malfunction of body parts.

Spirit Break

A break or tear in the spirit or energy body. Usually affects the energetic version of the heart, and may be the imbalance long referred to as a "broken heart". This would indicate that the heart was "broken" into 2 or more "pieces", which are now not connected or whole as they should be.

Spirit To Physical Disconnection

This is a disconnection of the spirit and physical body, where the spirit is still located entirely within the physical body, but the ability of the two to communicate has somehow broken down. It often results in misalignment, lowered immunity, organ malfunction, gland malfunction, or disease.

Will To...Energy

It is possible to develop and trap a unique frequency of energy when one has a will to do something, even if the desire is experienced temporarily. The energies in the "will to" category are problematic because they may influence thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships, as well as potentially preventing balance and healing in the physical body.