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My name is Andréa and I am a passionate Energy Medicine Practitioner.

My mission in life is to inspire you,

to help you  heal  your Energy, 

so you can Remember who You are and live from your Soul!


Karina María, USA

Andrea is a gifted and incredibly powerful healer. Her radiant and loving presence is medicine and in her hands I felt safe and deeply taken care of. Throughout our time together, I was able to release mysterious and ongoing physical and emotional pains that had been with me for years that no other practitioner or modality had been able to address and heal. I feel lighter now, free of past burdens that were getting in the way of me living my life fully. I’m forever grateful for Andrea and highly, highly recommend her. She is a gift to this world!

Karina María

In love and light ✨♥️✨


Energy Healing - Single Session
Single Session - I offer different energy healing modalities, which can be chosen from: Emotion Code and Body Code, Light Language and Multidimensional Energy Healing using Divine Healing Frequencies.
Energy Healing - Package with 3 Sessions
Package with 3 Sessions - 3 sessions are perfect to start your Self-Healing Journey. You should be able to release your Heart-Wall and most of offensive energies such as entities, curses and cording.
Home or Workplace Energetic Clearing
Single Session - 125€ (Euros)

For reasons you don´t understand, you feel uncomfortable, sad, or anxious in your home or workplace. You have repetitive negative thoughts, you experience repeated quarrels within the family or team members at work and there are erratic, irrational or unpredictable behavior by member(s) of the family, in response to simple/straight stimulus. Learn more about it.
Energy Healing - Family Package
Family Package - bring Harmony and Balance to the whole family, including your pet! Most common energies released: Heart-Wall, cording and other offensive energies
Releasing Self-Sabotage
Releasing Self-Sabotage - pre-recorded Group Sessions and Classes with Dr. Cathleen King to stop Self-Sabotage. Sessions can be accessed and viewed anytime at your own pace.
Healing the Heart Series
Healing the Heart Series - this pre-recorded series with Dr. Cathleen King will release your Heart-Wall and will help you get in touch with your True Self Essence! It includes the Emotion Code, Light Language, Brain Rewiring, Heart Coherence Practices, Quantum Healing and Energetic Attunements.

Enhancing Immune Function
Enhancing Immune Function - pre-recorded group sessions and classes with Dr. Cathleen King on Enhancing Immune Function through Neuroplasticity & Energy Medicine.
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Multidimensional ENERGY Healing


Divine Frequencies


There are infinite Divine Healing Frequencies of Love and Light, which can be accessed directly from Source for Healing.

Imbalances or forces don´t affect only the physical body, but also energy channels, centers and fields.

I use these divine frequencies to release any imbalance from your Energetic body, including your Chakras and Auric Fields.

In one session, we can release not only energies you created and trapped, but also epigenetic material, emotions, memories, wounds, illnesses, beliefs inherited from your ancestrals, attachments, such as cords, curses, bindings, entities, miasms, trauma energies from past lives, energies from others, energies from the collective consciousness, environmental energies and many others.


Light Language

Light Language is the language of Love. It speaks directly to your Heart and to your Soul. 

Light Language is multidimensional, it is made of Light and Sound and interacts directly with your Energy Field. Your Higher Self receives the information in form of light encodements and starts immediately a response that is unique to You. 

Light Language speaks directly to your vibration and allows the release of distortions or activation of information that is for your highest good, initiating on an unconscious level emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

My Light Language is transmitted through Archangel Metatron. Metatron uses his Cube, made of sacred Geometry to shift and activate your DNA.


The Emotion Code™

The Emotion Code™ is a natural, gentle emotional energy healing method created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

The Emotion Code™ can help you release your emotional baggage for greater physical and emotional Health, Abundance, Love and Happiness.

During an Emotion Code™ session, I will identify through muscle testing negative emotions which are trapped in the body and could be affecting your health, relationships or financial situation. 

Once these emotions are found and released, balance can be restored in all affected areas. 

The Emotion Code™ can be used in humans and animals.

How Does It Work?

The subconscious mind is 99% of our intelligence and remembers, archives everything. It knows what is wrong and what you need. The Emotion Code™ uses questions and muscle testing to get information from the subconscious mind about a trapped emotion. Once it has been identified, it can be released using a special technique.

The Body Code®

The Body Code® is a revolutionary energy balancing system created by Dr. Bradley Nelson based on six areas of Imbalance: Energies, Circuits & Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments, Nutrition & Life Style.

Dr. Bradley Nelson believes that imbalances in these 6 areas may be the root of all discomfort, physical and emotional suffering.

The Body Code® identifies through muscle testing negative energies and imbalances in the body that could be affecting your health, relationships or financial situation. 

Once these energies and imbalances are found and released, balance can be restored in all affected areas. 

The Body Code® can be used in humans and animals.

How can the Emotion Code™ &

the Body Code® help you?

The Emotion Code™ & the Body Code® should be looked upon as complementary therapies and are not intended to be a substitute for the services of any health-care or medical professional. You must take 100% responsibility for your own health, both physical and emotional. 

While I can´t garantee any specific results, when trapped emotions and other energies or imbalances are contributing to physical illness, emotional difficulties or self-sabotage, removing them can only help.


Below you will find a few examples of conditions for which Dr. Bradley Nelson in his book "The Emotion Code" found trapped emotions to be a contributing factor:


Depression, Social Anxiety, Phobias, Panick Attacks, ADHD/ADD, Learning Disabilities, Trauma, PTSD


Headaches, Migraines, Low back pain, Knee pain, Back Pain, Nerve Pain, Hip Pain, Fibromyalgia


Infertility, Asthma, Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Autism, Addiction, Lupus, Allergies, Colitis, Insomnia, Weight Gain

How many Sessions do you need?

Self-healing happens in layers and there may be more than one trapped emotion or energetic imbalance contributing to your trouble, emotional or physical discomfort. I usually release between four to ten trapped emotions and/or energies in a session, but it will depend on how big your emotional baggage is and how many emotions and/or energies your subconscious mind allows you to release in one session.

Your trouble, emotional or physical discomfort may be resolved in one session, or it may take several sessions. Don´t get discouraged if your issue can´t be resolved immediately, as we generally heal from complex issues in layers, which are released slowly session after session. 

Do you need to be present during the Session?

No, you don´t need to be present during the session. You can pay for your session (s) first, then let me know when you would like to have it done and I will perform your session as a Proxy at the next available time slot. You will receive a report of the session with all imbalances that were cleared and we can schedule a short call to discuss them, if desired. This approach works very well for very busy people, children and animals and it has been one of my most booked ones!

How to Book your Sessions

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  • If you would like to first book a free 30-Minute Call with me, please click here.

  • Calls and Sessions can be held in English, Portuguese and German.

  • Before purchasing your session, please contact me to find out when is the next available appointment for your session. Please send an email to: andrea.luizari@gmail.com.

  • After contacting me and confirming a date for your session, you can go ahead and purchase your session or package. For recorded group sessions, you don´t need to contact me and sessions can be accessed and viewed anytime at your own pace.

  • Please read the Disclaimer at the bottom of my website and the Consent Form to be found here. I understand that upon purchasing a session with me, you read and agreed to the Disclaimer and to the Consent Form. You must take 100% responsibility for your own health, both physical and emotional.

  • After receiving your payment, I will send you a formal invitation for your calendar. Please note that until I receive your payment, your appointment is not guaranteed. Payment is not refundable, but you can transfer the purchased session (s) to somebody else. 

  • All appointment times are Western European Standard Time (WET).

  • Rescheduling of sessions requires 24-hour advance notice. Please send me an email, call or text +351 91176 9167 to reschedule.

  • If you don´t show up for your session, it will be done anyway. A report of the findings and clearings will be sent out to you by email as soon as possible.

  • Important: once a trapped emotion or other energy or imbalance have been released, a healing process starts and symptoms may appear, such as crying, emotional up and downs, sleeplessness, a need for extra sleep, vivid dreams, nausea or headaches. These symptoms usually go away in one or two days. According to Dr. Bradley, these processing symptoms accur 20% of the time. So please consider this information for the time you would like to book your session


"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be Yourself".

Coco Chanel


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Releasing trapped emotions and any other energy or imbalance using the Emotion Code™, Body Code®, Light Language or any other type of Energy Healing, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care. The emotional energy healing work I provide is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or medical conditions. Information provided here should not be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional or veterinarian. Any questions or concerns about your health should be directed to your physician. Any questions or concerns about your pet´s health should be directed to a veterinarian. Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.

Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care.

1. Sessions are strictly confidential. 2. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.

Energy Healing - Family Package

Family Package - bring Harmony and Balance to the whole family, including your pet! Most common energies released: Heart-Wall, cording and other offensive energies

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